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    Research Files

    Files from before 1900

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    Apple of Discord- Austria-Hungary Serbia and the Bosnian Question 1867-71
    Best Sign of Our Times. Democratic Revolution and Evolution in Europe 1891
    Haydn - Was he a Croatian Composer
    Haydn -A Study of Jugoslav Music
    Hungary and Croatia 1877
    Kralj Dimitar Svinimir 1876
    Notes from Krain, Croatia, and Serbia 1888
    Serbian nation and the eastern question 1863
    Serbian Radicalism 1881–1903 Political Thought and Practice
    Slavs and Turks- the border lands of Islam in Europe 1875
    Spread of the Slave. Part I The Croats 1878
    Spread of the Slaves. Part II. The Southern Serbs, Bosnians, Montenegrins, and Herzegovinians. 1879
    Spread of the Slaves. Part III. The Northern Serbs or Sorabians and the Obodriti 1888
    Spread of the Slaves.- Part IV. The Bulgarians 1882
    The Nacertanije
    The Theory of the State 1895
    Theses Summary - GB relations to Serbia during Milos and Michael
    War of Races in Hungary 1850
    Young Serbia-1883
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    Files from 1900 - 1916


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    An Interpretation of Slavophilism 1915
    Anthropology of the Jew 1916
    Arrival of the Slavs 1909
    Austria-Hungary and Serbia 1915
    Austria-Hungary, Italy, and the West Balkans 1908
    Austrian Note and the Servian Reply 1915
    Austro-Hungarian Politics 1906
    Awakening of Austria 1913
    Balkan Adjustment 1913
    Balkan Main Current 1913
    Balkan Official Press 1915
    Balkan Question--The Key to A Permanent Peace 1914
    Balkan Situation 1909
    Balkan States and the Allies 1915
    BlackHand Constitution
    Bosnia-Herzegovina by Archibald R. Colquhoun 1909
    Britannica Serbia Yugoslavia -1911
    Catholic Encyclopedia - Croatia 1913
    Causes of the Great War 1915
    Causes of Victory and the Spoils 1913
    Culture of the Nations 1911
    Destruction of Serbia in 1915
    Drama of the Balkans and Its Closing Scenes 1912
    England's Secret Diplomacy 1916
    Ethics of War 1915
    Europe at Armageddon 1914
    Europe in Transformation 1907
    European Unrest 1913
    Experiences in Serbia 1914-15
    Foreign Affairs 1910
    Foreign Affairs- Macedonia and the Powers 1903
    Foreign Affairs- Servia and the Rival Dynasties 1903
    Future of the Peoples in Hungary 1905
    International Situation 1912
    Italia Irredenta 1915
    Jelačič and the Frontier in Modern History
    Jelačič, the Croatian Military Border, and the Intervention against Hungary in 1848
    Life in Croatia 1914
    Macedonia's Struggle for Liberty 1903
    Macedonian Question and the Balkan War 1913
    Montenegro and Servia 1914
    Nationalities of Hungary 1908
    Neue Freie Presse and the South Slavs of the Habsburg Monarchy 1867-1914
    New Boundaries of the Balkan States and Their Significance 1913
    Pan-Mania 1906
    Pan-Slavism and European Politics 1914
    Pan-Slavism, Austro - Slavism, Neo - Slavism
    Panslavism, Contemporary Review 1913
    Peace in the Balkans 1913
    Political Parties among Austrian Slavs- A Comparative Analysis of the 1911
    Problem of the Balkans 1903
    Quintessence of Austria 1915
    Racial Geography of East central Europe 1916
    Record of Events Dec 1914
    Russias Struggle for an Outlet 1915
    Serb and Croat Rivalry for Bosnia 1916
    Serbia and Her Neighbors 1915
    Serbian Documents from 1914- A Preview
    Serbs in Austria-Hungary
    Servia Irredenta 1914
    Servian Tragedy 1903
    Servian Tragedy 1903b
    Southern Slav Question 1915
    Srbi i Hrvati 1902
    The US as a World Power 1913
    Theses Summary - GB relations to Serbia during Milos and Michael
    What Makes a Fatherland 1916
    Work of the Balkan Commission 1913

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    Files from 1917 - 1920

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    A Few Territorial Problems 1919
    Albania and the Balkans 1917
    Among the Nations - Events in Both Hemispheres 1919a
    Among the Nations - Events in Both Hemispheres 1919b
    Among the Nations- A Worldwide Survey 1920
    An Adriatic Cruise 1920
    An Eyewitness of the Serbian Apotheosis 1919
    Atrocities in Serbia - Report of Dutch Investigators 1917
    Austro-Hungarian War-Aims in the Winter of 1915-1916 as Revealed by Secret Documents 1920
    Austria Favors a Croatian State 1917
    Balkan Diplomacy. I 1917
    Balkan Diplomacy. II 1917
    Balkan Situation 1920
    Balkan Tangle 1918
    Birth of a Nation - Raising the Jugoslav Flag 1918
    Britain's Aims Newly Defined by Mr. Lloyd George 1918
    Causes of the Balkan Disaster 1919
    Contributions from Readers 1920
    Creating the Kingdom of Jugoslavia (Map) 1919
    Croatian Problem in the Habsburg Empire 1918
    Czecho-Slovak Nation 1918
    Education of the Yugoslav Peoples before 1918
    Czechoslovaks and Jugoslavs 1919
    Danubian Confederation of the Future 1919
    Difficult Days for Austria 1919
    Dwindling of the Rutkish Empire (With Four Maps) 1920
    Education of the Yugoslav Peoples before 1918
    End of the Ottoman Empire 1920
    Entente of Free Nations 1919
    Establishment of the Balkan National States, 1804-1920
    Ethnography of the Yugo-Slavs 1919
    Events in Two New Slavic States 1919
    Experiments in Self-Determination 1919
    Future of Albania 1920
    Future of the Albanian State 1918
    Genesis of the Secret Treaty of London 1919
    Geographic Aspects of the Adriatic Problem 1920
    Geographical Distribution of the Balkan Peoples 1918
    Great Britain Faces a Crisis 1918
    Growth of the Jugoslav Movement 1918
    Indictment of Montenegros King 1917
    Italy and the Nationalities of Austria-Hungary 1918
    Italy in the Balkans 1920
    Italy's Rights Across the Adriatic 1919
    Jugoslav Aspirations 1918
    Jugoslav Minorities Treaty 1920
    Jugoslavia and its Internal Problems 1919
    Jugoslavia in Difficulties 1919
    Jugoslavia Today 1921
    Jugoslavic National Unity 1918
    Leroy King's Reports from Croatia, March to May 1919
    Little Entente- Nations of the New Alliance 1920
    Militarism in Political Development 1919
    Montenegro and Serbia 1919
    Montenegro's Situation 1918
    Nationalism in the Coming Peace Conference 1918
    New Balkans of Central Europe 1920
    New Boundaries of Austria 1920
    New Crisis in Adriatic Problem 1920
    New Spirit in Austria 1917
    Official Claims of Both Sides Fiume 1919
    Origin of the World War- Minutes of a Historic Council 1919
    Pact of Corfu the Rebirth of a Nation 1918
    Pan-Slav Drive against Austria 1918
    Peace Conference and the Adriatic Question 1920
    Peace in Eastern Europe 1920
    Political Consusion in Austria 1919
    Problem of Eastern Europe 1919
    Problem of New and Small National-States in Central and Southern Europe 1919
    Problem of the Adriatic 1917
    Prospect in Jugo-Slavia 1920
    Retreat of the Serbian Army 1920
    Salonika 1917
    Secret Treaty with Italy - Text of an Important Pact 1918
    Serbia 1920
    Serbia and European Peace 1917
    Serbia and the War's Beginning 1917
    Serbias History in the Light of the War 1918
    Serbias Hopes and Russias Defection 1918
    Significance of Fiume 1919
    Slav and Celt 1920
    Some Adriatic Problems 1920
    Succession States of the Hapsburg Monarchy 1920
    Survey of the Dev of Serbian Nation- An Economic and Statistical Study 1919
    Teaching the Geography of the Balkans 1920
    War Aims of the Allies 1917
    War Council Favors Free Poland and Jugoslavia1918
    We Must Kill to Save 1918
    What is Austria 1917
    What Serbia Wants 1918
    Yugoslav Question 1919
    Zones of Civilization of the Balkan Peninsula 1918

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    Files from 1921-1925

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    Agrarian Revolution in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1921
    Albania's Conflict with Serbia 1921
    Assassination of Macedonian Chiefs 1924
    Balance of Power in the Balkans 1925
    Balkan Problems and their Solutions 1922
    Balkan States Growing Neighborly 1921
    Balkan Turmoil 1921
    Balkan Unrest a Menace to World Peace 1925
    Balkans and Emancipated Central Europe 1921
    Belgrade and Sofia in the Spring of 1923 1924
    Black Hand Plot that Let to the World War 1925
    Central and Eastern Europe in 1924. 1925
    Centralism and Autonomy in Jugoslavia 1923
    Constitution of the Croatian Republican League of the US 1921
    Countries of Southern Europe 1921
    Croatia and Great Serbia 1923
    Croatian Capitulation 1925
    Croatian Problem in Austria Hungary in 19th Century
    Croats turn scale in Greater Serbia - end boycott of parliament 1923
    Dawn of the New Era in Europe 1923
    Dismembered Hungary and Peace in Central Europe 1924
    Dying City of Fiume 1923
    Early diplomatic relations of GB and Serbia 1923
    Economic and Financial Progress in Europe 1923
    Economic Survey Yugoslavia 1920-25
    Europe in the Summer of 1920 1921
    Europe, 1914-25 1925
    European Elections of 1924 and 1925
    European Political Boundaries 1925
    Flivvering through Bosnia 1921
    Foreign Affairs Contemporary Review 1922
    Fresh Light on the Serajevo Crime 1925
    In a Balkan Capital 1921
    Italys Anti-Hapsburg Pact with Jugoslavia 1921
    Ivan Mestrovic 1923
    Jugoslav Constitution 1924
    Jugoslav Constitution of 1921 1925
    Jugoslav Elections 1925
    Jugoslav Renaissance 1923
    Jugoslavia Complains about Bulgaria 1921
    Jugoslavia in the Making 1925
    Jugoslavia Today 1923Jugoslavia's Attitude Toward Bulgaria 1922
    Jugoslavia's Constitutional Problems 1921
    Jugoslavias Resources and Beauty (Map) 1921
    King Nikola of Montenegro 1921
    Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes- Administrative Divisions 1925
    Kosovo 1924
    La Jugoslavia by O. Randi 1923
    Little Entente -Benes 1922
    Little Entente and the Hapsburgs 1921
    Little Entente, Its Genesis and its Aims 1922
    Little Entente's Problems 1921
    Macedonian Tangle 1924
    Marxism and the Southern Slav Question 1923
    Medicine In Jugo-Slavia 1925
    Nation Actually Too Proud to Fight NYT 1922
    Nationalism and Internationalism 1923
    New Balkans 1924
    New Dawn in Serbia 1922
    New Europe's Peasant Proprietors 1924
    New European Constitutions- In Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1922
    Obituary Michael Gavrilović 1924
    Obituary Stojan Protić 1923
    Obituary Vatroslav Jagić 1923
    On Slavonic Reciprocity 1923
    Pacifist Revolution in Croatia (Map) 1922
    Principal Industries of the Serb-Croat-Slovene State 1920
    Problem of Sovereignty 1923
    Question of the Adriatic 1922
    Recent Revelations on European Diplomacy 1923
    Rumania and Jugoslavia 1921
    Sentiment of Nationalism 1921
    Serbia in the Early Seventies 1925
    Serbia of Prince Milos 1925
    Serbia's Responsibility for the World War 1925
    Slavonic Review 1924
    Slavs after the War 1922
    Smaller loan for Serbia 1922
    True Situation in the Balkans 1925
    Wrong Settlement Endangering the Peace of the Balkans 1921
    Yugoslav Electoral Triumph for Conservatism 1925
    Yugoslav-Hungarian Boundary Commission 1925

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    Files from 1926 - 1929

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    A Months World History 1928-30
    Achievements of Fascism 1926
    Again the Minorities 1928
    Balkan Aspect of Italo-Hungarian Pact 1927
    Balkan Problems and Balkan Peace 1926
    Balkans as an Element of European Peace 1926
    Birth of Nations 1927
    Croat View of the Jugoslav Crisis 1929
    Crown Prince Rudolf and the Croats 1927
    Democracy Holds Its Ground 1928
    Denial of Serbia's Was Responsibility1926
    Dictatorship in Yugoslavia 1929a
    Dictatorship in Yugoslavia 1929b
    Diplomacy and Politics in Southeastern Europe 1927
    Diplomatic Relations of Yugoslavia and Albania 1927
    Disunited Staes of Europe 1929
    Eastern Europe and the Balkans 1927
    Ebb and Flow of Balkan Politics 1927
    Elections in Eastern Europe and the Balkans 1926
    English Influences in Post-War Croatia 1926
    Experimental Dictatorship in Yugoslavia 1929
    Fascist Challenge to Freedom 1928
    Fear and Hopes 1929
    Foreign Affairs 1929
    Foreign Policy of the Little Entente 1927
    Four Jugoslav Patriots- Hinković, Žerjav, Krešič, Vojnović 1929
    Fresh Light on Serbia and the War 1928
    From Krizanic to Slavophils 1928
    Hapsburg Policy in the Balkans Before the War 1928
    Histoire Yugoslave 1927
    How the War Came 1929
    Impressions of Yugo-Slavia 1927
    Italian Penetration of the Balkans 1927
    Italy, Jugoslavia and Lilliputia 1928
    King Alexanders Coup D'Etat Origins and aims of the recently established dictatorship 1929
    Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1929
    Last of the Habsburgs 1929
    Last Years of Stepehn Raditch 1928
    Macedonian Organization Yesterday and Today 1928
    New Balkan States 1928
    New Wine in the Balkans 1929
    Obituary Ivan Lorković 1926
    Pasic Creator of Modern Yugoslavia 1926
    Pasic the Last of the Balkan Pashas, 1927
    Political Situation in South-Eastern Europe 1929
    Psychology of Nationalism 1927
    Relations between Italy and Yugo-Slavia 1928
    Responsibility for the Sarajevo Assassination 1929
    Responsibility for the War 1926
    Results of Diplomatic Rupture Between Yugoslavia and Albania 1927
    Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia- The Omen of the Upsurge of Serbian Nationalism 1928
    Royal Dictatorship in Jugoslavia 1929
    Sarajevo Murder Plot 1927
    Sarajevo Murder Trial 1926
    Serbia in the Early Seventies 1926
    Serbo-Croat Crisis 1929
    Significant Events in Central Europe 1927
    Slavonic Review 1926
    Slavophil Idea Re-Stated 1927
    Slavs after the War 1927
    Story of my Political Life - Stjepan Radic 1928
    Svetozar Miletic and the Liberal Movement Among the Jugoslavs 1927
    Ten Years of Central Europe 1928
    Third Party in Yugoslavia 1928
    Three Days in Belgrade- July, 1914 1927
    Unsettled Balkans 1927
    Vatican's Present Position in Europe 1926
    War Due to German-Austrian Plot to Dominate the Balkans 1928
    Where Three Races Meet 1927
    Why Nationalism Flames in the Balkans 1928
    World War and Slavonic Policy 1928
    Yugoslav Crisis a Result of Croats Discontent under Serbian Domination 1929
    Yugoslav Debt to Nepoleon - Monument Commemorates Illyrian Provinces' Racial Union 1929
    Yugoslavia and Italo-Albanian Treaty 1927

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    Files from 1930 - 1934

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    A Quaking World 1934
    Abuse of prisoners letter 1933
    Assassination of Yugoslav King 1934
    Austro-German Bombshell 1931
    Autocracy in Yugoslavia 1930
    Background of the Jugoslav Dictatorship 1931
    Balkan Four-Power Pact 1934
    Ballad of the Hajduks. 1930
    Basic Rules of the Jugoslav Law Concerning Nationality 1930
    Bogomils and Bogomilism 1930
    Bosnian Annexation Crisis of 1908 (I) 1931
    Bosnian Annexation Crisis of 1908 (II) 1931
    Bosnian Annexation Crisis of 1908 (III)a 1932
    Bosnian Annexation Crisis of 1908 (III)b 1932
    Bosnian Annexation Crisis of 1908 (V) 1932
    Byron and the Jugoslavs 1930
    Central European Union Again 1933
    Coming of the War 1931
    Consolidating the Little Entente 1933
    Crisis in Central Europe 1932
    Crisis in the Danubian States 1932
    Crisis of Democracy and the Slavonic World 1931
    Croatian Problem - Kussutitch 1933
    Economic Position in Central Europe 1930
    European Alliances in the Making 1934
    Facist Decade 1932
    Fall of the Dinar 1933
    Fate of the Danubian States 1932
    First Balkan Conference 1930
    France Astride Middle-Europe 1931
    Franco-Italian Rivalry 1933
    Germans, Avars and Slavs 1934
    Historic Sequence of the Celts 1934
    Hitler's Reich- The First Phase 1933
    Impressions of a Wanderer in Jugoslavia 1931
    Intellectual Origins of Fascism 1934
    Keeping the Lid on the Balkans 1934
    King Alexander of Yugoslavia 1934
    La Dictature du roi Alexandre 1934
    Land Settlement in Jugoslav Macedonia 1931
    Legacy of Versailles 1932
    Michael of Serbia and the Turkish Occupation 1934
    National Minorities To-day 1931
    New Jugoslav Regime 1932
    New Kingdom of Jugoslavia 1930
    New Kingdom of Jugoslavia- Maps and Note 1930
    New Propaganda for War 1934
    Origin of the Celts 1933
    Permanent Bases of French Foreign Policy 1930
    Policing Yugoslavism- Surveillance, Denunciations, and Ideology during King Aleksandar's Dictatorship, 1930
    Present Popes Attitude Toward Liberalism 1930
    Price of Yugoslav Dictatorship 1934
    Problem of Nationalities 1931
    Problem of Yugoslav Unity 1933
    Quest for Balkan Unity 1934
    Resources of Yugoslavia 1933
    Salvaging the Danubina States 1932
    Slav Solidarity in the Balkans 1934
    Slavs in Medieval History 1931
    Studies in Jugoslav Psychology 1932
    Territoriale Neugliederung des Königreichs Jugoslawien 1930
    Versailles- Retrospect 1932
    Volkszählung in Jugoslawien 1932
    World Propaganda War. 1934
    Writing on the Wall 1934
    Yugoslav Dictatorship - Seton Watson 1932
    Yugoslav Fears of Italy 1933
    Yugoslavia and the Austrian Nazis 1934
    Yugoslavia's New Rulers 1934
    Yugoslavian Trade Pact 1934

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    Files from 1935 - 1940

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    A Little Entente Meeting 1935
    After Jugoslavia-Hungary 1939
    After the Assassination of King Alexander 1935
    Appeal to League of Nations
    Article 26. Effect of Territorial Changes 1935
    Austria- Guilt and Virtue-I 1940
    Balkans and the Great Powers 1935
    Balkans as a World Problem 1935
    Big Brothers in the Balkans 1932
    Black Lamb and Grey Falcon.docx
    Bosnia the Borderland of Serb and Croat1935
    Britain and the Hungarian War of Independence 1939
    Bulletin of International News 1935
    Canon Liddon and Bishop Strossmayer 1936
    Complaint of Yugoslavia against Hungary with Reference to the Assassination of King Alexander 1935
    Complaints against Yugo.docx
    Constitutional Changes in Yugoslavia 1940
    Croat Peasant Literature 1940
    Croatia Under Yugo-Slavian Rule
    Croats in Yugoslavia 1936
    Earliest Contacts between Slavs and Roumanians 1939
    Early Balkan Migration 1938
    Einstein Accuses Yugoslavian Rulers in Savant’s Murder.docx
    Elections for Yugoslavia 1935
    Europe and the Austrian Problem 1936
    Europes Frontier Lies on the Danube 1939
    French Military Intelligence and the Franco-Italian Alliance, 1933-1939
    Geographic Objectives in Foreign Policy, II 1939
    Has Britain a Policy 1936
    Henri-Pozzi-Black-Hand-Over-Europe 1935
    In Yugoslavia- Where Two Worlds Meet 1936
    Invasion of Albania and after 1939
    Italians and Yugoslavs 1936
    Italy and the Jugoslav Idea- Past and Present 1938
    Jugoslav Constitutional Problem 1938
    Jugoslavia and the Croat Problem 1937
    Jugoslavia in Transition 1936
    King Alexander's Assassination- Its Background and Effects 1935
    Kingless Kingdom 1935
    Land Question in Jugoslavia 1936
    Liberal Hopes in Yugoslavia 1935
    Little Entente 1936
    Making of Modern Slovenia 1939
    Milan Rakic and the Kosovo Idea 1939
    Montenegro and the Formation of the Balkan League 1937
    My Neighbour Bosiljkovic 1939
    Nicholas Pasic- After Ten Years 1937
    Pan-Slavist Memorandum of Liudevit Gaj in 1831 1935
    Peasant Problem in Jugoslavia 1940
    Peasants and Propaganda in Croatia 1937
    Political Refugees 1939
    Politics- Science or Art 1935
    Population Question in Eastern Europe 1938
    Position of Yugoslavia 1940
    Rainbow Over The Danube 1937
    Reconciliation and Neutrality in Yugoslavia 1939
    Reminiscences of the Balkan Wars 1938
    Social Conditions in Yugoslavia 1938
    Stalin in Europe- The Balkans 1939
    Tension in Danubian Conditions 1936
    The Position of Yugoslavia 1940
    The Yugoslav-Bulgarian Perpetual Friendship Pact of 24 January 1937
    They Say 1936
    Towards Balkan Unity 1937
    Turbulent Yugoslavia 1935
    Unrest in Albania 1935
    What Will Happen to Yugoslavia 1939
    Yugo-slavia and the Anschluss 1935
    Yugoslav Affairs 1935
    Yugoslav Elections 1935
    Yugoslav Immigrants in America 1935
    Yugoslav Political Changes 1935
    Yugoslav Stalemate 1936
    Yugoslav War Scare 1935
    Yugoslav-Bulgarian Perpetual Friendship Pact of 24 January 1937
    Yugoslavia's Design for Democracy 1937
    Yugoslavia's New Regime 1935

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    Writing by Seton-Watson 1911 - 1945

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    Austria and her Neighbours 1935
    Austria-Hungary and the Federal Solution 1918
    Austria-Hungary as a Balkan Power 1912
    Background of the Jugoslav Dictatorship 1931
    Era of Reform in Hungary 1943
    Europe and the Austrian Problem 1936
    Europe in the Melting Pot - Seton Watson 1919
    Hungary and the Southern Slavs 1912
    Jugoslav Dictatorship 1932
    Jugoslav Obituary 1940
    Jugoslavia and Croatia Seton-Watson 1929
    Jugoslavia and the Croat Problem 1937
    Jugoslavia Today 1947
    King Alexander Obituary 1935
    King Alexander's Assassination- Its Background and Effects 1935
    Little and Balkan Entente 1937
    Little Entente 1927
    Murder at Sarajevo, The, Seton-Watson 1925
    New Phases of the Balkan Question 1913
    Obituary Joseph Redlich 1937
    Pan-German Aspirations in the Near East 1916
    Pan-German Plan and its Antidote 1916
    Pan-Slavism, Contemporary Review 1916
    Phases of the Balkan Question 1913
    Problem of Revision and the Slavonic World 1934
    Rise of Nationality in the Balkans Seton Watson 1917
    Rise of Nationality in the Balkans Seton Watson 1918
    Russian Commitments in the Bosnian Question and an Early Project of Annexation 1930
    Southern Slav Question and the Habsburg Monarch Seton-Watson 1911
    Spirit of Allied Nations 1915
    Spirit of the Serb SW 1915
    Tributes to R. W. Seton-Watson 1952
    War and Democracy Seton 1919
    What is at Stake in the War SW 1915
    William II.'s Balkan Policy 1928
    Yugoslav Constitutional Position 1945
    Yugoslav Dictatorship 1932

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    Magazine Articles from 1900 - 1946

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    1900jul07 - LiteraryDigest - The Religious World
    1903aug29 - LiteraryDigest - Points of View - Servia
    1903jul04 - LiteraryDigest - Servia and the Balkan Problem
    1903jun06 - LiteraryDigest - The Croatian Upheaval
    1903jun20 - LiteraryDigest - The Servian Revolution
    1903jun27 - LiteraryDigest - Americas View on Servias Future
    1903oct10 - LiteraryDigest - Macedonia Servia
    1903sep05 - LiteraryDigest - The Macedonian Massacres
    1907aug31 - LiteraryDigest - A New Sort of Patriotic Revenge
    1908dec12 - LiteraryDigest - Why the Two Provinces were Seized
    1908nov21 - LiteraryDigest - Servias Fury and the Cause of it
    1908oct17 - LiteraryDigest - The Balkan Crisis
    1909apr10 - LiteraryDigest - Servias Submission
    1909apr24 - LiteraryDigest - The Blood Stained House of Karageorgevich
    1912dec07 - LiteraryDigest - The Austro - Servian Quarrel
    1912nov09 - LiteraryDigest - Meaning of the Balkan Victories
    1912nov16 - LiteraryDigest - Driving the Turk from Europe
    1912nov16 - LiteraryDigest - Ominous Jealousies in the Balkans
    1912nov30 - LiteraryDigest - Divifing Turkey
    1912oct12 - LiteraryDigest - Blaze in the Balkans
    1912oct26 - LiteraryDigest - Christian Against Turk
    1913aug02 - LiteraryDigest - Fresh Balkan Horrors
    1913jan11 - LiteraryDigest - Why Russia Did not back Servia
    1914aug08 - LiteraryDigest - Servias Dream of Expansion
    1915aug07 - LiteraryDigest - Servia Saved by Americans
    1915dec11 - LiteraryDigest - How Britain takes Servias Defeat
    1915jan02 - LiteraryDigest - Servias Account of Herself
    1915oct30 - LiteraryDigest - The meaning of the Balkan Drive
    1915sep - Munseys - Austria Hungary
    1915sep04 - LiteraryDigest - The Southern Slav Question
    1916feb - Munseys - The Balkan States
    1916jan01 - LiteraryDigest - All Servia in Enemy Hands
    1917oct - NorthAmericanRev - Serbia and European Peace
    1917oct27 - LiteraryDigest - Dying Servia
    1917sep - Munseys - The Southern Slavs
    1917sep22 - LiteraryDigest - The Greater Servia to Come
    1918aug31 - LiteraryDigest - The Importance of the Jugoslavs
    1918dec21 - LiteraryDigest - A Critical Moment for Jugoslavia
    1918mar - Century - Jugoslavia a New European State
    1918nov09 - LiteraryDigest - Unscrambling MittelEuropa
    1918oct05 - LiteraryDigest - Smashing the Minor Beelzebubs
    1919apr - NorthAmericanRev - Problems of Eastern Europe
    1919apr05 - LiteraryDigest - Jugoslavias Land Problem
    1919feb01 - LiteraryDigest - Jugoslavia
    1919jan04 - LiteraryDigest - Danger Spot of Europe
    1919jan15 - Outlook - Italy and Jugoslavia
    1919jan25 - LiteraryDigest - Montenegro Disappears
    1919jun14 - LiteraryDigest - Jugoslavias Domestic Jars
    1919jun18 - Outlook - What Jugoslavs Want
    1919nov29 - LiteraryDigest - New seeds of Warin the Balkans
    1919nov29 - LivingAge - The True Motives of the DAnnunzio Conspiracy
    1920apr - NorthAmericanRev - An Adriatic Cruise
    1920apr - NorthAmericanRev - Italy in the Balkans
    1920apr10 - LiteraryDigest - Religious Freedom in Yugoslavia
    1920feb14 - LiteraryDigest - Adriatic Dynamite
    1920jan - Scribners - New Frontiers of Freedom
    1920jul17 - LiteraryDigest - Religious Harmony in Jugoslavia
    1920mar13 - LiteraryDigest - Our stake in the Adriatic
    1920oct09 - LiteraryDigest - The Possibilities of the Little Entente
    1921dec - NorthAmericanRev - Jugoslavia To - day
    1921feb26 - LiteraryDigest - Some Sunshine in the Balkans
    1921jan08 - LiteraryDigest - New Kingdom of Jugoslavia
    1921jun18 - LivingAge - New Europe and Catholicism
    1922may - Forum - Montenegro Victim of Peace
    1923jun16 - LivingAge - Social Customs in Belgrade
    1923may05 - LiteraryDigest - Political Pots Boiling in the Balkans
    1923may05 - LivingAge - Yugoslav Elections
    1923may19 - LivingAge - The Problem of Jugoslavia
    1924apr05 - LiteraryDigest - Frets and Frictions in the Balkans
    1924aug16 - LiteraryDigest - Bolshevism in the Balkans
    1924nov29 - LiteraryDigest - Bolshevisms Chance in the Balkans
    1924sep20 - LivingAge - A Sheaf of Balkan Rumors
    1925aug29 - LivingAge - Jugoslavias Radical - Radic Reconciliation
    1925jan10 - LiteraryDigest - The Balkans Balk Again
    1925jun - Forum - Pistol Shots in the Balkans
    1925may09 - LivingAge - More Light on Sarajevo
    1925nov07 - LiteraryDigest - The security idea in the Balkans
    1925sep09 - Outlook - Political Peace in Jugoslavia
    1925sep12 - LiteraryDigest - Is Jugoslavia One Nation at Last
    1926feb - Forum - Jogging in Jugoslavia
    1926feb27 - LiteraryDigest - The Locarno Spirit in the Balkans
    1926jul28 - Outlook - The Southern Slavs
    1927apr02 - LiteraryDigest - New Danger Signals in the Balkans
    1927apr30 - LiteraryDigest - Europes New War Menace
    1927jun - Forum - Where the East Begins
    1927may18 - Outlook - Call of Balkan Women
    1927sep - NorthAmericanRev - Where Three Races Meet
    1928aug25 - LiteraryDigest - Croatia's Peasant Martyr
    1928jul04 - Outlook - Windows on the World Stjepan Radic
    1928jul07 - LiteraryDigest - Current Events Belgrade
    1928jul07 - LiteraryDigest - What all the shooting in Jugoslavia was for
    1928nov - LivingAge - Stress in the Balkans
    1928oct - NorthAmericanRev - Broken Balance
    1929apr20 - LiteraryDigest - How Long Dictatorship in Yugoslavia
    1929aug - LivingAge - The World Over
    1929feb09 - LiteraryDigest - The Kings Strong Medicine in Jugoslavia
    1929jan19 - LiteraryDigest - Alexanders Leap for the Saddle
    1929jan30 - Outlook - Jugoslavias Dictator
    1929jul - LivingAge - Sarajevo Fifteen Years After
    1930jan04 - LiteraryDigest - Current Events Zagreb
    1930v10 - Central Europe and the Balkans - Yugoslavia
    1930v10 - Central Europe and the Balkans
    1931 - Dictatorship on Trial - Dictatorship in Yugoslavia
    1931apr18 - LiteraryDigest - Albanias Bloody Balance Sheet
    1931jan31 - LiteraryDigest - Jugoslavias Shackled Press
    1931jul08 - Outlook - War Clouds in South Europe
    1931jun - Dictatorship on Trial - Dictatorship in Yugoslavia
    1931may16 - LiteraryDigest - More Balkan Murder
    1931sep19 - LiteraryDigest - Another Dictator Down
    1932nov19 - LiteraryDigest - Trouble Flaming in the Balkans
    1932oct29 - Literary Digest - Veiled Revolution
    1933oct28 - LiteraryDigest - Good Will Journey of Jugoslavias Rulers
    1933sep - AmMercury - Hunting Headlines in the Balkans
    1934dec - LivingAge - Europe in Revolt
    1934oct20 - LiteraryDigest - Europe After the Marseilles Assassinations
    1934oct27 - LiteraryDigest - Pursuit of Peace in Europe
    1934oct27 - LiteraryDigest - Secret Societies Balkan
    1935apr - LivingAge - Breakup of Jugoslavia
    1935mar - LivingAge - The Coming Fourth Reich
    1935nov30 - LiteraryDigest - Nazis New Anti - Jewish Drive
    1936apr11 - LiteraryDigest - Jugoslave Cauldron Boiling
    1937jun - LivingAge - Danger on the Danube
    1938 - Jugoslavia after Alexander - Inside Europe
    1938jun - LabourMonthly - Swastika over the Balkans
    1939aug21 - SocialJustice - Croatians' Home Rule Demands in Jugoslavia
    1939may - LivingAge - South of the Danube
    1939oct - LivingAge - Neutrality
    1940aug - LivingAge - Under the Surface in the Balkans
    1941apr21 - SocialJustice - Facts About Jugoslavia
    1941dec02 - NewMasses - Revolt in Yugoslavia
    1941nov - FreeWorld - What Southeast Europe Expects
    1941oct07 - NewMasses - Europe vs Hitler
    1941sep13 - Colliers - Hitlers Peace Map
    1943nov - FreeWorld - Roundatable - Battle for the Balkans
    1943sep04 - Colliers - Ante Pavelitch
    1944feb19 - Colliers - Tito
    1944jan22 - Colliers - The Balkan Time Bomb
    1946dec - AmMercury - How Terror Rules Yugoslavia

  10. #10

    Files from 1941 - 1959

    Download ZIP file - 78 megs

    A Calculated Risk in Yugoslavia 1950
    A Canadian Looks at Yugoslavia 1949
    A Trilogy of Dubrovnik 1951
    An Authoritarian Parliament- The Croatian State Sabor of 1942 1980
    Ancient Home of the Slavs 1947
    Austria- Guilt and Virtue-II 1941
    Background in Yugoslavia 1949
    Balkan Federation Movement A Neglected Aspect 1942
    Balkans and the New Europe 1942
    Balkans in 1942 1943
    Britain and Dissent in Tito’s Yugoslavia- The Djilas Affair, ca. 1956
    Britain and the 'Hand-over' of Italian War Criminals to Yugoslavia, 1945-48
    Case of Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac 1954
    Central Government of Yugoslavia 1947
    Concerning a World Government 1948
    Controversies surrounding the Catholic Church in Wartime Croatia, 1941–45
    Croats in 1848 1949
    Danube Confederation 1943
    Diaries from the Yugoslav Liberation 1946
    Disgrace of Djilas and Its Implications 1954
    Division of the Spoils in Yugoslavia 1941
    Emergence of the Radical Party in Serbian Politics 1956
    Federalism in Yugoslavia 1955
    Fresh Sidelights on British Policy in Yugoslavia, 1942-3
    How different is Titos Communism 1957
    Is Titoism Different 1959
    Jugoslavia Today 1947
    Jugoslavia's Choice 1942
    Jugoslavia's Struggle for Equality. 1950
    Little Entente- A Post-Mortem 1947
    Ljuba Jovanović-Čupa and the Search for Yugoslav Unity 1946
    Melville - Balkan Racket - Inside Story of Political Plot which Destroyed Yugoslavia in WW2 (1941)
    Migration of Population in East-Central Europe, 1939-55 1969
    Migration of Population in East-Central Europe, 1939-1955
    Mikhailovitch Trial 1946
    Modern Yugoslav Drama 1946
    Name White Russia 1949
    New Atlantis 1951
    Peasants, Politics, and Economic Change in Yugoslavia 1956
    Personalities in the History of the NDH
    Political Forces in Yugoslavia Today 1946
    Politics of Pan-Slavism 1949
    Prince Paul, Hitler, and Salonika 1951
    Problems of the New Yugoslavia 1945
    Railways in the Balkan Peninsula 1941
    Religion and Nation in Wartime Croatia 41-42
    Repression of the Yugoslav communist regime towards the Catholic Church in Istria 1945-47
    Role of Peasant Hungary in Europe 1941
    Serbian and Croatian Novel since 1948
    Shadow ove Serbia - The Black Hand 1958
    Situation in Yugoslavia - I. Administration under Axis Occupation 1944
    Situation in Yugoslavia - II. The Resistance Movement 1943
    Slav and Balkan Freedom 1950
    Sociology in Yugoslavia 1941
    SOE and British Involvement in the Belgrade Coup d'État of March 1941
    Status of Croatia under International Law 1941
    Structure of Balkan Society 1946
    Tito- A Study. 1950
    Tito, Hebrang, and the Croat Question, 1943-1944
    Trends in the Balkan Situation 1935
    Understanding Ustaša violence
    Vladko Maček and the Croat Political Right, 1928–1941
    White Eagles and White Guards - British Perceptions of Anti-Communist Insurgency in Yugoslavia in 1945
    Yugoslav Constitutional Position 1945
    Yugoslav Unity 1944
    Yugoslavia and the Big United Nations- 1941-43 1944
    Yugoslavia and the United States 1949
    Yugoslavia and the United States 1950
    Yugoslavia in the Balkans and Central Europe 1945
    Yugoslavia the Trojan Horse of Communism 1958
    Yugoslavia- The Land and Its People 1941

  11. #11

    Files from 1960 - 1979

    Download ZIP file - 93 megs

    Assassination as Political Efficacy- Two Case Studies from World War 1978
    Austrian History Yearbook Serbs in A-H
    Bishop Strossmayer and the First Vatican Council 1971
    Central Europe's Bastion of Democracy 1977
    Civil-military relations in Yugoslavia- The partisan vanguard 1978
    Croatian Military Border and the Rise of Yugoslav Nationalism 1964
    Croatian Renaissance 1962
    Dioscuri in the Balkans 1967
    Emergence of American Policy in the Adriatic- Dec 1917-April 1919 1967
    Erinnerungen an die Anfänge des jugoslawischen Arbeitertheaters 1976
    Ethnicity and Politics in Socialist Yugoslavia 1977
    Fascism, Right and Left 1966
    Genocide in the Puppet 'State' of Croatia 1974
    Historians in Politics - Slobodan Jovanovic 1973
    International Terrorism and Western Societies 1973
    Krleža's Tormented Visionaries 1967
    Legacy of Cyril and Methodius to the Southern Slavs 1965
    Ljudevit Gaj and the Illyrian Movement 1977
    Migration of Population in East-Central Europe, 1939-55 1969
    Missing Historical Dimension in Yugoslavia 1972
    Nacertanije origins of pan slavism 1975
    Nation and Nationalism Among the Serbs of Hungary 1790-1870 1979
    Nationalism and Nationality 1972
    Nature of Balkan Society under Ottoman Rule 1962
    New Yugoslav Writer- A Socio-Political Portrait 1973
    Origins of Modern Pan-Serbism- The 1844 Nacertanije of Ilija Garasanin 1975
    Partisans, Professionals, and Proletarians- Elite Change in Yugoslavia, 1952-78
    Popular Front in the Balkans- 1. Yugoslavia 1970
    Pravastvo and the Croatian National Issue 1978
    Press of the Habsburg Slavs in 1848- Contribution to a Political Profile 1975
    Question of Yugoslav Union in 1918 1968
    Roots of Discord in Yugoslavia 1972
    Sephardim and Ashkenazim in Inter-War Yugoslavia 1977
    Serbia, Croatia and Germany 1941-1945 - Civil War and Revolution in the Balkans 1971
    Serbia, Croatia and Germany 1941-1945 Civil War and Revolution in the Balkans 1971
    Serbs as an Integrating and Disintegrating Factor 1967
    Slavs and Turks- the border lands of Islam in Europe 1975
    Struggle over the Dissolution of the Croatian Military Border, 1850- 1871 1964
    The Elections of 1923 in the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes
    Titos new troubles 1972
    Understanding the Yugoslav Reforms 1967
    Unsatisfied Nationalisms 1971
    Yugoslav Commune 1964
    Yugoslav Nationalisms and the Doctrine of Limited Sovereignty 1976
    Yugoslav Peasant Society in Transition 1963
    Yugoslavia 1962
    Yugoslavia and US Foreign Policy in the 1960–1970s
    Yugoslavia succession crisis in perspective 1972
    Yugoslavia- Democratic Centralism and Market Socialism 1973
    Yugoslavia's National Minorities under Communism 1963
    Yugoslavia's Old Communism- Europe's Fiddler on the Roof 1977
    Yugoslavian Historiography on Yugoslavia's Foreign Relations between the Two World Wars 1968

  12. #12

    Files from 1980 - 1990

    Download ZIP file - 77 megs

    Albania- from Illyria to today
    An Authoritarian Parliament- The Croatian State Sabor of 1942 -1980
    Anti-Semitism in Yugoslavia, 1918-45 1988
    Balkans- Soviet Ambitions and Opportunities 1984
    Chetniks. By Jozo Tomasevich
    Coming to Grips with the Croatian Crisis 1982
    Concepts of nationhood in early modern Eastern Europe 1986
    Croatia - Myth and Reality
    Croatian Humanists at the Hungarian Court 1988
    Demographic Change in the Balkans since the End of the 1980s
    Dimitrije Ljotic and the Yugoslav National Movement Zbor, 1935-45 1980
    Ethnic Continuity in the Carpatho-Danubian 1989
    First Yugoslavia Search for a Viable Political 1984
    Garibaldini in the Balkans, 1875-76 1982
    HSS u Kanadi prijelom
    Ilija Garasanin- Balkan Bismark. by David MacKenzie 1986
    Illyrian Reading Rooms in Croatia in the Mid-Nineteenth Century 1989
    In Search of Yugoslavia- Anglo-American Policy and Policy-Making 1943-45 1981
    Islamic Revival and the Muslims of Bosnia-Hercegovina 1983
    Myths and Symbols in Interwar Croatia- The Case of Matija Gubec
    Nationalism in Contemporary Europe by Franjo Tudman 1982
    New Data on the League of Communists of Yugoslavia 1987
    Normalisation in Eastern Europe- the Reimposition of the Soviet System
    Notes on Italian Rule in Dalmatia under Bastianini, 1941-43 1990
    On the Edge of Reason- The Writing of Miroslav Krleža 1983
    Out of Context - The Yugoslav Government in London 1941-45 1981
    Peacemaking Exploits of Harold Temperley in the Balkans, 1918-21 1989
    Political Parties among Austrian Slavs 1911 1989
    Redivived Croatia of Pavao Ritter Vitezović 1986
    Right, Left, and Centre in Eastern Europe 1860-1940- A Cross-National Profile 1981
    Secret Cold War - The C.I.A. and American Foreign Policy in Europe 1946-56 1981
    Secret Cold War - The C.I.A. and American Foreign Policy in Europe 1946-56 1982
    Serbian Nationalist and Military Organizations and the Piedmont Idea, 1844-1914 1982
    Serbian Textbooks- Toward Greater Serbia or Yugoslavia 1983
    State-Sponsored International Terrorism 1984
    Stjepan Radic and HSS 1914-28 Iva Lukac 1989
    Terrorism and Political Assassinations 1982
    Terrorism in Croatia, 1929-1934 1988
    Ti-To A Biography
    Toward a United States Policy on Terrorism 1984
    Truth About Titoism 1986
    Use-of-Political-Trials-to-Repress-Croatian-Dissent-1929-1934 - 1987
    White Eagles and White Guards- British Perceptions of Anti-Communist Insurgency in Yugoslavia in 1945 1988
    Yugoslav Nova Evropa and Its British Model 1990
    Yugoslavia a model for failure 1985
    Yugoslavia Was Created-Against-the-Will-of-the-Croatian-People-by-Dr-George-W-Cesarich
    Yugoslavia- Economic Grievances and Cultural Nationalism 1983
    Yugoslavia's Moslem Problem 1980

  13. #13

    Files from 1990 - 1995

    Download ZIP file - 91 megs

    A Critical Review- Territory Briefing- Yugoslavia 1993
    After the Fall- An Analysis of Post-Communism 1994
    Alive or Dead, Rebecca Wests Yugoslavia 1993
    Anatomy of a Myth- Serbian Hegemony 1991
    Balkan Ghosts- A Journey Through History 1994.
    Balkanization- a Theory of Constitution Failure 1992
    Birth of a New Nation, or the Return of an Old Problem 1992
    Black Hand and Its Statutes - 1991
    Concerning Art and Politics in Yugoslavia during the 1930s 1993
    Croat Question- Partisan Politics in the Formation of the Yugoslav Socialist State 1994
    Croatia - A Crisis of Meaning 1993
    Croatia - one woman's view 1991
    Croatia's Violent Birth 1993
    Democracy and the Politics of National Identity 1994
    Diffusion of Military Conflict 1994
    Disintegration of Yugoslavia 1995
    Dismembering Yugoslavia- Nationalist Ideologies and the Symbolic Revival of Genocide 1994
    Dynamics of the Yugoslav Crisis 1995
    Emperor Karl has become a Comitadji - the Croatian Disturbances of Autumn 1918 1992
    Failure of federalism in Yugoslavia 1993
    Failure of the Yugoslav National Idea 1994
    First Yugoslavia and Origins of Croatian Separatism 1992
    Great serbia 1995
    How to Defeat Serbia 1994
    Inside the Serbian War Machine- The Milošević Telephone Intercepts, 1991-1992
    League of Nations' Predicament in Southeastern Europe 1995
    Learning from the Death of Yugoslavia - Nationalism and Democracy 1993
    Looking behind the Violent Break-Up of Yugoslavia 1993
    Mike Pavasovic puts in a word for Serbia's wartime Cetniks 1992
    Myths, Politics and the Not-so-New World Order 1993
    National Question in Europe in Historical Context 1996
    Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict 1994
    Nesting Orientalisms- The Case of Former Yugoslavia 1995
    New Serbian Nationalism and the Third Balkan War 1994
    Of Balkans and Bantustans 1993
    Origins of the Celts 1993
    Rivalry between Germany and Italy in Croatia, 1942–1943 1993
    Russia and the Balkans 1994
    Serb National Idea- A Revival 1986-92 1994
    Serbia as Piedmont and the Yugoslav idea, 1804-1914 - 1994
    Serbian Nationalism and the Hissssing Ssssnake 1994
    Shelling of Knin by the Croatian Army in August 1995
    Shrapnel in the Liver - The Third Balkan War 1993
    Slovenes and Yugoslavia, 1918-1991 1992
    Two_Strategies_in_Serbian_Politics 1995
    Victims and Perpetrators in the Yugoslav Genocide of 1941-1945- Some Preliminary Observations 1993
    War Among the South Slavs in the Wider Balkan Context 1994
    War Crimes committed against JNA before 1992
    War in the Balkans in 1941 1994
    Wehrmacht Bureau on War Crimes 1992
    Who Were the Yugoslavs 1994
    Who Were the Yugoslavs- Failed Sources of a Common Identity in the Former Yugoslavia 1994
    Who's to Blame for the War in Ex-Yugoslavia 1993
    Yugoslavia - Ivo Banac 1992
    Yugoslavia A History-of-Its-Demise 1995
    Yugoslavia in Crisis- Europe and the Croat Question, 1939-41 1993
    Yugoslavia Mon Amour 1993
    Yugoslavia New War, Old Hatreds 1993
    Yugoslavia without Yugoslavs- The Roots of the Crisis 1991
    Yugoslavia- New War, Old Hatreds 1993
    Yugoslavias Collapse- National Suicide with Foreign Assistance 1992

  14. #14

    Files from 1996 - 2003

    Download ZIP file - 93 megs

    A (Hi)story of Illyria 1998
    A Breakdown of the Civil Order- The Balkan Bloodbath 1996
    A review of the historical development of Croatia 1996
    A review of the historical development of the Republic of Croatia 1996
    Accounting for Genocide- How Many Were Killed in Srebrenica 2003
    An Analytical History of Terrorism, 1945-2000
    Ancient Hatreds or Elite Manipulation 1997
    Balkans Revisited 1996
    Banality of Ethnic War 2000
    Between Nation and State- Serbian Politics in Croatia Before the First World War 2000
    Biondich - Book Review - Stjepan Radic, the Croat Peasant Party 2000
    Bosnia- The Crime of Appeasement 1998
    Breakdown of the Civil Order- The Balkan Bloodbath 1996
    Breaking-the-South-Slav-Dream-the-Rise-and-Fall-of-Yugoslavia 2003
    Cascades of Ethnic Polarization- Lessons from Yugoslavia 2001
    Collapse of Serbia 1999
    Conflicting Identities- Solidary Incentives in the Serbo-Croatian War 2002
    Constitutive violence and the nationalist imaginary 2003
    Croatia and Central Europe - the geopolitical relationship 1996
    Croatian Diaspora in North America 2003
    Croatians in Western Australia 2002
    End of Yugoslavia 2001
    Ethnic Conflict and Genocide- Reflections on Ethnic Cleansing in the Former Yugoslavia 1996
    Ethnic Conflict and the Federalization of Socialist Yugoslavia- The Serbo-Croat Conflict 1997
    Evil has been done 1999
    Evolution and Use of the Croatian Coat of Arms 1996
    Falseness of anti-Americanism 2003
    Fascism, National Socialism and Conservatives in Europe, 1914-1945 - 1999
    From communal and communist bonds to fragile statehood 1998
    Identity, Culture, and Historicity 1997
    Illusions-of-a-Final-Victory-and-the-Fate-of-Small-European-Nations-Media-and-Propaganda-of-the-Independent-State-of-Croatia-in-1945 2000
    Illyrianism and the Croatian Quest for Statehood 1997
    Kosovo- A Short History 2000
    Kosovo-Where it all began 2003
    metodologija društvenih znanosti 2000
    Milosevic in the Hague 2003
    Minorities, Majorities, Law, and Ethnicity- Reflections of the Yugoslav Case 1997
    Nationalism, History and Identity in the Balkans (1904-28) 2003
    On the Edge of Reason- The Boundaries of Balkanism in Slovenian, Austrian, and Italian Discourse 2003
    Podgorica Assembly in 1918- Notes on the Yugoslav Historiography 1999
    Political Activities of Croatian Immigrants in the USA and the Creation of an Independent Croatia 1997
    Politics of Desire and Disdain- Croatian Identity between Home and Homeland 2002
    Population of Croatia 1996
    Primordialism, Evolutionary Theory and Ethnic Violence in the Balkans 2000
    Real Reasons for War In Yugoslavia- Backing up Globalization with Military Might 2000
    Retracing the Past to the Cradle of Croatian History 2002
    Review of the historical development of the Republic of Croatia 1996
    Second Chance in the Balkans 2001
    Serbian Hegemony, Ethnic Heterogeneity and Yugoslav Break-Up 1999
    Serbs- The Sweet and Rotten Smell of History 1997
    Soccer and Croatian Nationalism- A Prelude to War 2000
    Socialist Serbia's Narratives- From Yugoslavia to a Greater Serbia 2003
    Stjepan Radić, the Croat Peasant Party, and the Politics of Mass Mobilization 2000
    Third Yugoslavia- Illyrian League of Autonomous Republics 1998
    War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945 (2001)
    War for Kosovo- Serbia's Political-Military Strategy 2000
    What Ancient Hatreds 1999
    What Past Is Present 2003

  15. #15

    Files from 2004 - present

    Download ZIP file - 75 megs

    Ante Paveliċ, Charisma and National Mission in Wartime Croatia 2006
    Appointment with Destiny 2006
    Assassination of the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs 2011
    Balkans - Europe's Cesspool 2006
    Balkans - Identities, Wars, Memories 2004
    Balkans after the Cold War 2004
    Balkans' Underbelly 2010
    Balkans’ New Political Dynamics 2006
    Basic Philosophical Texts in Medieval Serbia 2008
    Betrayal of Srebrenica- The Ten-Year Commemoration 2009
    Between revolution and legitimacy- The Croatian political movement of 1848 –49 2009
    Biondich - Stjepan Radić, Yugoslavism, and the Habsburg Monarchy
    Biondich - The Croatian Holocaust and the Weapon of Forced Conversions a Failed Genocide
    Blaming the Media- Serbian Narratives of National(ist) Identity 2006
    Brand personality and human personality - croatia
    Challenge of Plural Identity serbia 2005
    Challenging the Past Serbain and Croatian Aggressor-Victim Narratives 2007
    Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies- The Scholars' Initiative 2009
    Constantine Porphyrogenitus’ Source on the Earliest History of the Croats and Serbs 2010
    Creation-of-Yugoslavia-and-Its-Consequences 2007
    Croatian - British views of the Eastern Question- The correspondence of William Ewart Gladstone and Josip Juraj Strossmayer (1876-1882) 2007
    Croatian Catholic Movement and the Creation Of The Yugoslav State (1912-1918) 2010
    Croatian GDP 2010
    Croatian section of the Communist Party of the United States and the “United Front” 1934 -39 2009
    Croatian women and the Party of the Right during the 1880s 2011
    Croatian-Slovenian relations in politics, 1848-1914- examples of mutual ties 2011
    Futile Crescent Judging the Legacies of Ottoman Rule in Croatian History 2009
    Geopolitics of Diaspora 2005
    Greater Serbia - From Ideology to Aggression
    Has Anyone Seen It Healthcare in Croatian Elections
    Identity's role in the Serbo‐Croatian conflict 2007
    Ideology of Nation and Race Bartulin 2006
    Ideology-of-Nation-and-Race-the-Croatian-Ustasha-Regime-and-Its-Policies-Toward-Minorities-in-the-Independent-State-of-Croatia-1941-45 2006
    Ilija Garasanin Nacertanje and nationalism 2006
    Ironic denial tobože in Croatian political discourse
    Isidor Kršnjavi and Robert W. Seton-Watson on politics in Croatia during the reign of Ban Pavao Rauch 2011
    Ivo Pilar and the Art of the Possible- Croatia between Central Europe and the Balkans2009
    John Stuart Mill in Nineteenth-century Serbia 2009
    Josip Jelačić - Ban of Croatia 2007
    Landscapes of conflict unit and disunity 2009
    Last Bullet for the Last Serb-The Ustasa Genocide against Serbs 1941–45 2009
    Legacy of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia, the Unifier 2009
    Les premiers pas d'Antun Radić dans l'arene politique croate (1883-1900) 2007
    Members of the Party of Right and the Idea of the Croat State during the First World War 2007
    Militant Women, Warrior Men and Revolutionary Personae- The New Ustasha Man and Woman in the Independent State of Croatia, 1941-1945 - 2005
    Moses as Role Model in Serbia 2008
    Most Catholic country in Europe 2006
    Nation-building under the Austro-Hungarian Sceptre- Croato-Serb Antagonism and Cooperation 2006
    National Council of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs in Zagreb (1918 / 1919) 2007
    National Question in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 2011
    Nationalism, Myth and Reinterpretation of History- The Neglected Case of Interwar Yugoslavia 2012
    NDH – An Introduction 2006
    New Class and Nationalism
    Nikola Pašić, the Radicals and the “Black Hand”2006
    One hundred years of Yugoslavia- the vision of Stojan Novaković revisited 2011
    Opposition In Croatia 1945-1950 2010
    Past in Parenthesis- (Non)Post-Socialism in Post-War Bosnia-Herzegovina 2006
    Policing Yugoslavism- Surveillance, Denunciations, Ideology during Aleksandar's Dictatorship, 1929-34 -2009
    Political Acivities of Ivo Pilar on the eve of the demise 2006
    Post-imperial and Post-war Violence in the South Slav Lands 2010
    Recurrent tragedy- Ethnic cleansing as a tool of state building in the Yugoslav multinational setting 2006
    Refugee Theatre in Bosnia
    Religion and Nation in Wartime Croatia 41-42 -2005
    Responsibility for war crimes before national courts in Croatia 2006
    Rethinking Yugoslavia- Serbian Intellectuals 2004
    Scenes From the Last Yugoslav Generation 2007
    Seeing the Albanians through Serbian Eyes 2005
    Serbia through the ages 2005
    Serbian nationalism and the great war 2009
    Serbian question in Croatian politics, 1848-1918 2011
    Stojan Protic's final decade and Serbia's Radical Party 2008
    Strange Story of the Bosnian Genocide Case 2008
    Suppressing Terrorism under the European Convention
    Terrorism and Genocide- Making Sense of Senselessness 2004
    Tito-Stalin Split- A Reassessment in Light of New Evidence 2007
    Tito's Slaughterhouse- A Critical Analysis of Rummel's Work on Democide 2004
    To what degree are the Croatian and SerbianLanguage 2010
    Vigilante justice in post-communist Europe 2011
    Vladko Maček and Croatian History- An Introduction 2007
    Vladko Maček and the Croat Political Right, 1928–1941
    Vladko Maček and the Croatian Peasant Defence in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 2007
    Vladko Maček, the Croatian Peasant Party and the Spanish Civil War 2007
    West Bank of the Drina 2006
    When Croatia Needes Serbs- Nationalism and Genocide in Sarajevo, 1941-1942 2009
    Which Security Dilemma 2004
    Who Was Franjo Tuđmanc 2006
    Yugoslavia Vanishes- The British Turn to the Serbian Question 2011
    Yugoslavism between the world wars- indecisive nation building 2010



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