Šufflay, Milan - Pointed the finger towards Britain and America for creating Jugoslavia

In the new state, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, he was arrested for high treason and charged with spying for a foreign power together with Ivo Pilar, another Croatian historian. Šufflay was sentenced to three years and six months in prison. The reaction to the sentence was stronger abroad than in Croatia, as scientific colleagues from numerous countries tried to obtain his release, but without success. He did his time in the Mitrovica prison. After serving over half of his sentence, he was released from prison and returned to his scientific work.

In 1924 Šufflay became a member of the leadership of the Pure Party of Rights, a right-wing Croatian political party with a political program similar to the one of the Croatian Party of Rights, but inspired by the work of Josip Frank, a fervent nationalist. The party had reportedly not managed to win more than a few seats in the 300-strong legislative.

The members of the regime organization, Young Yugoslavia, under the royal protection, ambushed him at his doorstep in Zagreb and broke his skull with a hammer, killing him. Then they broke into his apartment and took the manuscript of the 3rd book of Codex albanicus. There was never any investigation about the criminals. The authorities denied any knowledge of the assailants and banned activities related to Šufflay's funeral. The murderers were the police agents Belošević and Zwerger, who fled to Belgrade. All the later attempts of the Banovina of Croatia to have them extradited were fruitless.

Šufflay on Croatians in Yugoslavia

In 1928, when Stjepan Radić was assassinated in the Yugoslav parliament, a year before king Alexander would establish his dictatorship, Šufflay wrote Hrvatska u svijetlu svjetske historije i politike (Croatia in the Light of World History and Politics). He wrote that the Croatian people was suffering under the Yugoslav dictatorship and that it had to free itself. He claimed that the border between the Western and the Eastern civilization lay on the Drina river, the "destined borderline on the Drina river on which the mighty Roman Empire snapped into two... a border both spiritual and cultural".

The Croatian people have passed through the Roman-Western retort, while the Serbian people passed through the Byzantine-Turkish. Therefore the psyche of the two peoples is essentially different, even if the languages are similar. Unification of the two peoples would mean neutralization and careful constraining. To centralize here would mean to make Croatia a guinea pig for vivisection experiments. It is my thesis that the Croatian nation, as a citizen of the great empire of the western civilization, has the right to raise its voice against any oppression.

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The origin of Croats is very important because pan Serbian political theorists spread the theory (which still exists in faked knowledge by European intellectuals) that Croats and Serbs are two tribes by one folk: the history of Croatia proves that this is untrue. A teaching of Šufflay was that Croatians are different not just culturally but also by their origin. For Šufflay the history was a “vis a tergo” (which in Latin means: old élan of people, old historic instinct of survival and consciousness). If one wants to know the real motivating factor of a national consciousness it is necessary to know the peoples history. Šufflay was a typical Croatian anti-imperialist: against “the crown of St. Stephen of Hungary, against the Serbian crown diadem, and against Roman imperialism. The idea of the Croatian King Tomislav State must not be dead.

Von Šufflay recognized and predicted a great success of Anglo-American alliance and at the beginning of his analyses he believed that they should be saviors of the western civilization, but further analyses showed precisely that it was the British with the help of Americans who created Yugoslavia and this way Šufflay’s enthusiasm for the British and Americans disappeared.

In the history of Croatia, Šufflay was the first who directed his finger towards English and American guilt. In the last period of two years he published a few important articles on British intentions in Croatia and the world.

A detailed criminal-historic analysis in the literary journal «Marulić» 2002\01, Zagreb, performed by historian Željko Vegh, proves that Šufflay was murdered by British order.

The Croatian Ideologists Defenders, Prophets and Founders

Berlin, May 5. Accusing the Yugoslav Government of the murder of a Croatian Professor Milan Sufflay, who was struck down in the streets of Agram [Zagreb] on Feb 18, Professor Albert Einstein and the novelist Heinrich Mann, brother of Thomas Mann, have sent a joint letter to the international headquarters of the League for the Rights of Man in Paris urging a protest against the "horrible brutality which is being practiced upon the Croatian people." The letter also was signed by the German headquarters of the league. The Paris headquarters, upon receipt of the communication, immediately undertook steps toward an effective protest in Belgrade.

Time 1931: Einstein Accuses Yugoslavian Rulers in Savant's Murder

Appeal to the International League of Human Rights