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    by Published on 7th-July-2012 03:02 AM

    dr Pero Kolenc Ercegovac

    Politics without a guiding philosophy is both empty and ineffective. This is a global reality. Croatia, hence, should be no different from the rest of the world. Yet Croatia is the exemption to the rule. Here in Croatia we have a left and a right that seemingly do not understand nor work on the basic principles of Liberalism or Conservatism. Lets face it good leadership is about putting philosophy into practice in a way that advances the collective goals of the people whilst ensuring that the needs of the nation are taken care of. Philosophically I am more or less conservative though I have always politically been progressive. So before you begin to think that I am existing in a contradictory world view today I will discuss with you why I have come toward this political stance. A viewpoint that I- and like thinkers- call progressive conservatism. I will also discuss, more importantly, how as a society we can implement this viewpoint in a philosophical and practical sense.
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