Questions for Natasha Srdoc the "Iron Lady of Croatia"

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Dear Ms. Srdoc,

Over the last few years you and the Adriatic Institute have been very critical of of the HDZ government in regards to high levels of corruption and low levels of transparency. Recently, you have officially entered Croatian politics by forming the political party Croatia 21st Century.

Now that you are a politician (public figure) and seek to be a representative of the Croatian people I hope that you will set a better example of transparency. Over the last few days I have googled you and am surprised at the lack on information about you from before the formation of the Adriatic Institute and even about Adriatic Institute accomplishments and so I will ask the following questions which are interest to me (a Croatian citizen and voter) and my other Croatian brothers and sisters.

I have found information about some Adriatic Institute (AI) and International Leaders Summits (ILS) events. While we know the "what" we do not have insights into the "why". Hopefully you can provide insights into why things happened. Now that you are the "Iron Lady of Croatia" I hope that you do not mind if I try to scratch the surface.

Can you provide the following personal information?
1. Date and country of birth
2. Citizenship
3. In which country is your primary residence?
4. What percentage of your time do you spend in Croatia?
5. Marital status. If married, who are you married to? The reason I ask is that I recall some time ago you listed your name as Natasha Srdoc-Samy. Are you or were you ever married to Joel Anand Samy?
6. Which university did you get your undergraduate degree in?

Questions about Adriatic Institute and the International Leaders Summits.

1. Is AI's and ILS's primary concern Croatian or Regional development? In your mission statement you state "dedicated to strengthening the rule of law and advancing economic freedom through advocating market reforms in Croatia and southeast Europe. " The name Adriatic Institute, to me, has the connotation of more of an interest in regional rather than Croatian interests.

2. What would you favour more, Croatia entering the European Union or the creation of a "Balkan/Regional Union" of which Croatia would be a part of? If you are more interested in regional development can you explain which countries are in the region you would like to see in the Balkan Union?

3. What, if any, is the AI and ILS position on the Croatia-EU relationship? I notice that there is a significant number of Members of European Parliament (MEP) attending ILS conferences. There appear to be more EU MEPs speaking at the ILS conferences than there are Croatian politicians. I also see that the 2007, 2008 and 2009 conferences were held in Brussels at the European Parliament.

4. What, if any, is the AI and ILS relationship with the UK? I notice that there are a significant number of UK MEPs, journalists and UK educated participants. To me there appears to be a disproportionate amount of UK participation and I wonder why individuals from the UK are so interested in Croatia. I see that Geoffrey Van Orden, MEP UK, hosted and chaired an event "Croatia's Path to the European Union" on Oct 14, 2008, in the European Parliament in Brussels. Roger Helmer, MEP UK, has also caught my eye for his level of interest in Croatia.

5. What, if any, is the AI and ILS relationship with The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) International Relations Task Force? I notice that four of the UK MEPs are also members of ALEC. I found that Joel Anand Samy wrote an article titled "The Atlantic Connection" for ALEC.

6. What, if any, is the AI and ILS relationship with Belgrade and Serbia? According to AI press releases I see that "strategic ILS economic roundtable events in Belgrade, Prague and Warsaw" were held but I can't find any information about the events. I also see that Serbian MP Nikola Lazic participated at the 2011 ILS conference in Opatija.

7. What, if any, is the AI and ILS relationship with Serbian center-right political parties such as G17Plus and PDP? I notice that three Serbian center-right politicians participated at the 2011 ILS conference in Opatija. One of the participants is listed as Dragas Ivic from G17 Plus.

On your press release for ILS 2011 you list high level speakers including "former Bosnian Deputy Defense Minister Igor Crnadak" and "Mladen Ivanic, the Deputy Speaker of the Bosnian Parliament." Are these two participants also of Serbian descent and:
  • Mladen Ivanic, President and founder of Partija Demokratskog Progresa (PDP)
  • Igor (Mihailo) Crnadak, member of the Partija Demokratskog Progresa

If these are the same individuals then why was full disclosure not provided about who these two individuals are?

8. What, if any, is the AI and ILS position on corruption and working with convicted criminals? I see that a Mladen Ivanic participated in the Opatija 2011 conference. Is this the same Mladen Ivanic that was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in jail for "Lack of Commitment in Office" for an incident that happened while he was President of the Republika Srpska. He was acquitted for abuse of official position, conspiracy to commit crime and bribery charges.

9. What, if any, is the AI and ILS relationship with the SDP? The vast majority of AI criticism is of the HDZ government while SDP, in my opinion, could be just as responsible as they are a large component of the government holding a number of ministerial positions. In 2007, Ljubo Jurcic of the SDP participated in the ILS conference in Brussels. In 2009 Zeljko Jovanovic, SDP member of Serbian ethnic origins, participated in ILS conference held in the European Parliament in Brussels. There appears to be a similarity, to me at least, in the anti-HDZ fervour communicated by AI and Zeljko Jovanovic.

I ask the readers can anyone provide me with more information about the following possible connections with corruption, I heard something pertaining to the SDP Rijeka Triangle Obersnel-Linić-Jovanović, some sort of transfer of money and Mercedes-Bez fire trucks for Croatia during the tenure of Ivica Racan.

10. What, if any, is the AI and ILS relationship with Joseph Mohorovic? Joseph participated in the first ILS in 2004 where he described himself as the grandson of Joseph Mohorovicic, Senior Counsel to “Ban” Ivan Subasic of the Croatian government in exile. I would like to learn more about the Mohorovicic/Mohorovic views are on Yugoslavia. In his presentation Mohorovic stated the following:
  • Grandfather Joseph was called by Subasic to America to serve as secretary and advisor in 1941. Subasic was called to London in 1942 and my grandfather went with him. King Peter’s government was in London under British protection.
  • 1944 Ban Subasic was asked by Churchill to meet with Tito to form the framework for a post war government to include Serbian King Peter contingent upon free elections.
  • This accomplished, Subasic and Mohorovicic returned to the U.S. in 1945 in order to attend the San Francisco conference establishing the United Nations. Both Ban Subasic and Joseph Mohorovicic signed the United Nations Charter on Jugoslavia’s behalf.
  • Subasic was godfather to Joseph’s father Jesse.

11. Where is the funding for AI and ILS coming from? AI has existed since 2004 and there have been annual ILS conferences. It is expensive to operate a think tank, even a small one. AI has two co-founders who need to earn a living as do the staff and research fellows. I assume ILS conferences are expensive to organize. The last ILS in Opatija was held at the high end Milenij Hotel

12. What role, if any, will organizations such as AECR, ECR Group, EPP, ALEC, Atlas, Open Europe, The Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute and Hayek Foundation play in the Croatia 21st Century party play? I see that Maurice McTigue, a foreigner, will co-chair the new political party's Economic Council focusing on job creation and economic growth.

I look forward to gaining further insights and context for who Natasha Srdoc is and what the Croatia 21st Century (and Adriatic Institute) vision and objectives are for Croatia. Transparency, honestly and full disclose will help Croatians make a more informed decision about who they vote for to represent them in Sabor.

Note: If anyone finds any inaccuracies, please let me know and I will make the appropriate changes. The truth is paramount.

Zeljko Zidaric
A Curious Voter
Općenito Vijesti


  1. Matija Misagić avatar
    You are a brave man! I hope for your sake MI6 makes it quick and painless.

    Croatia has received documents on Daimler graft case
    Karamarko said that the national anti-corruption office USKOK was investigating the case, in which officials from the government of the late Social Democratic Party (SDP) Prime Minister Ivica Racan had allegedly received USD 5 million in kickbacks.

    Daimler AG Corruption Case: Jurcic signed the disputed contract - April 2 2010
    Daimler AG has admitted that he bribed Croatian officials with 4.7 million. The contract from the October of 2003 was signed by the Minister Sime Lucin (SDP), Mato Crkvenac (SDP) and Ljubo Jurcic.

    High-ranking SDP members says Linic knows all about Daimler
    Several prominent members of the left-of-centre coalition government of the time have confirmed for Nacional that Slavko Linic was, by all accounts, the key man in making it possible for Daimler to close a direct deal through negotiated procedure in Croatia.

    USKOK zatražio istragu u vezi s mitom u Daimleru

    Daimler podmitio SDP-ovu vladu, USKOK pokreće novu istragu

    US-Korruptionsprozess gegen Daimler

    Ljubo Jurcic spoke at the 2007 event.
    The SDP connection does look suspicious.

    The BIG question should be why the Attorney General of Croatia being Bajić (hard core commie background, starting his career as DA for JNA in Split) is ignoring the evidence and not taking action. Is it because Bajić hopes that he remains AG if the SDP takes over the Government?

    I wonder why Natasha rages against HDZ corruption but is quiet about SDP corruption.

    About Zeljko Jovanovic and SDP corruption

    Željko Jovanović mora podnijeti ostavku jer zatvara oči na korupciju i klijentelizam u SDP-ovim redovima

    'Zašto Jovanovića ne zanima kako je Milanović nabavio stan?'

    'Jovanović je loša kopija Jovana Raškovića'