After the election - what now?

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Croatians in the Homeland are still learning about what democracy is. They do not yet fully comprehend what their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democratic society are. Croatian citizens need to be educated and empowered.

Croatia needs a school for tactical politics similar to the Conservative oriented Leadership Institute in Arlington Virginia. I put together some ideas in this document - download pdf

In February 2010, after the presidential election, I put together some ideas on what steps the Croatian Conservatives should be taking next. Download the file in English and Croatian.

For the political middle management class there will be a lot of hard work to change engrained mindsets. In my opinion, the first three issues which should be addressed at the following:

#1: Understanding the voter mindset and what motivates them to vote the way they do. The mass of voters is rational and votes in their own perceived self interest. If a politician wants to win, s/he must understand those needs and how to prove to the voters that s/he is the best possible representative to serve their needs.

#2: More focus on understanding the political middle class. This is the group of people that makes of breaks campaigns because they are the ones that donate time and money as well as being evangelists for their candidate of choice. Politicians and parties need to start to understand how to communicate to this group of people.

#3: You will never make all of the people happy all of the time. If you are a generalist trying to make everyone happy then you will make no one happy. You must understand market segmentation. You need to understand who you are and what your vision is and then you must understand which segments in society share your vision.

Željko Zidarić