Does Zeljko Grgelec and/or Novastela own copyright for live Internet streaming?

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I recently came across something quite confusing and I wonder if
someone with a better legal mind than mine help me understand what is happening.

This company nova-stellatv.de claims to be the first "Internet free live television".
Has there not been any live TV internet streaming before this?

Novastella tv is Internet free live television, the first in the world,
with millions of potential viewers of all ages and in 8 languages.

Our program in 2016 will be available in all hotels around the world,
a digital modem that will be available to citizens across Europe and the world.

According to Novastela announcement on Vimeo - the following TV companies;
HRT, CMC, N1, Osijek TV and Vinkovac TV are violating Novastela "copyrighted"?

Novastela d.o.o. (Facebook page), which appears to operate Nova-StellaTV,
made the following statement on their website.


We inform all media, company website owners and other private websites owners that free live streaming videos and live webcast television is internationally copyrighted under number OW 68396. This copyright is under a property of Novastela televizijska dejavnost d.o.o.
Any unauthorized use of copyright works without permission of the copyright holder after the publication of this notice is in violation of the Copyright Law and punishable accordingly, 15 days from the date of publication. Through our lawyers we will begin to submit complaints to the competent court for unlawful use and seek compensation in the amount of 150,000 € which is defined in the description of the Copyright Law.

Read this part carefully!

Unauthorized use of our copyright primarily relates to the countries in former Yugoslavia (HRT, Zagorska TV, Nationalgeografic balkan, Film network, Filmon, Newtvworld, Italia Channel, Jutarnji TV, Laudato TV, RTS, Prva, RTL, TV Jabuka, TV Istra, B92, Pink, etc.)

We therefore ask all owners of free internet live televisions and free live TV streaming services, all television broadcasting either state or private, church authorities and political parties which have set such TV channels and all media to immediately stop publishing on the Internet and on their websites. And write to our e-mail: novastellaTV@hotmail.com to ask us for permission, with adequate compensation.

... read more

Novastela made the following announcement of VIMEO

We inform all media, company website owners and other private websites owners that free live streaming videos and live webcast television is internationally copyrighted under number OW 68396. This copyright is under a property of Novastela televizijska dejavnost d.o.o.

In the video they reference:
  • Copyright OW 68396

What is copyright "OW 68396"? I can't find anything about it.

The other two are references to a service called MyFreeCopyright.com

MCN CY4UV-52PCL-C81GW - Registered: 2015-04-13 21:53:54 UTC

NovaStella TV je besplatna internet live televizija koja djeluje na području cijelog svijeta.

NovStella TV is a free internet live television which operates around the whole world.

MCN CWT3F-TSC33-ERUAF - Registered: 2015-12-09 22:12:03 UTC

NovaStela televizijska dejavnost d.o.o.Free live streaming of television programs on the Internet; - The application called "STELLA" tracking free LIVE Twi radio programs on mobile phones; - Broadcasting of the free tv programs in multiple languages, via free live streaming; - Broadcasting of the free radio programs in multiple languages via live streaming; - Modem-named "Stella" by which a digital image from the web is transformed into the digital image that can be monitored on a digital TV or big screen

WOW! How can someone have a "copyright" on a process?
- especially when the description is vague and incoherent.
Does anyone have a patent for Internet based TV streaming? No.
NovaStela televizijska dejavnost d.o.o. is a trademark.

What is a copyright?

the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.

A copyright protects works of authorship that have been tangibly expressed in a physical form. Think songs, books, movies, and works of art.

Wikipedia - US Patent Office

How can someone have a "copyright" on providing the service of free Internet TV
or even the terminology "free Internet TV"?

The content producer (author) holds all copyrights to their original work.
The author has the rights to distribute and communicate their work in any way they choose.

I am no lawyer, but basic common sense makes the Novastela claims to be ludicrous.
  • causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving derision; ridiculous; laughable:
  • amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity
  • meriting derisive laughter or scorn as absurdly inept, false, or foolish

Harassment? Extortion? - What is this?

Now this is where things start getting BIZARRE.

If NovaStella does not hold "copyright" on free internet TV then what are they trying to accomplish with their communications to Laudato.tv?

Someone from NovaStella TV sent this letter (pdf) to Laudato.TV a new Catholic family oriented TV station in Croatia. When you read the letter I hope you notice that there is no letterhead to identify who the letter is from nor is there any signature. Can this be a legal document?

In the letter they state:

We own the copyright to free internet television, protected under the number OW 68396 and MCN: CY4UV-52PCL-C81GW as Novastella TV live internet tv Category: Internet television © Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved regardless of which platform you serve and how. Yes this is true that it can be seen everywhere on the Internet.

From Croatian media and viewing your website http://www.laudato.tv we noticed that you are absolutely in violation of our copyrights (author's rights), in your publicly announced plans you have copied parts of our author's work and ideas and to transmit or that you intend to begin broadcasting television programs via the Internet, which will be free to view on your website. Also we saw on your website that the Church also elsewhere in the world systematically violates our rights, but about the violation will also soon receive a warning same as you.

At the end of the letter they appear to be asking Laudato.tv to negotiate some sort of a fee to be able to continue the free broadcasting of Laudato.tv over the Internet.

This is a big WTF !?

To back up their "claim", they apparently sent to Laudato.tv a DMCA "takedown request" for which they have not paid - note the status of "Awaiting Payment" of $199. (view larger)

The following was also sent to Laudato.tv. (view larger)

What is NovaStella TV trying to do?

Is this an attack trying to use the court system to :
A. prevent the broadcast of family oriented TV programming to the Croatian community around the world?
B. or is it just an attempted scam using the court system and the threat of a lawsuit to create fear and hopefully a settlement?

I know that there are all sorts of "nuisance claims" (scams) being run in the USA by people that send letters to companies that threaten lawsuits if the company does not pay up. Unsophisticated people and small businesses pay up in order to avoid wasting time in court.

... but isn't this a form of extortion?

Also Frivolous Litigation - Nuisance

Who is Zeljko Grgelec, owner of NovaStela in Ljubljana Slovenia?

Is this the same person that
1. owes the Croatian government almost 660,000 kuna?
2. had this concert organization problem? - article 2

BTW - the website http://nova-stellatv.de/marketing.html looks like something a 13 year old would have put together in 1998 after graduating from the "MySpace School of Design". How can someone with any sense of pride promote such a poorly designed web service and claim that it is a legitimate business.