Letter to Davor Stier - If you are not "Croat-centric" then what are you?

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Hello Mr Stier,

I congratulate you on your initiative to rejuvenate the HDZ.

BUT ...

1. If the "New HDZ" is not 'Croatian-centric" then what is it?
If you want the votes of Croatians but are not "for Croatians" then who are you for?
Who do you represent?

2. The last thing we want to see is more of the "same old type" of people
replacing the people that we do not trust/like and are being moved out of the party.

Your strategists have lots of competing ideas but ...
... has anyone bothered to ask the people what they want of their representatives?

Would I trust the HDZ? Probably not.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break,and forever to repair. If its lost it’s not easily found and if it is found its never the same again.

Trust in a political party is not about public policy and programs.
Trust in a political party is about the ethos, the culture, the character of the party.

Why you lost

HDZ did not "lose" the election because of a bad political program but because we the voters do not trust you. We do not see you as ethical people working in a moral manner in the interests of the common good.

It is not the mistakes that we make that define our character. We are defined by how we correct the mistakes we have made and how we REPAIR THE DAMAGE of our previous actions.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

You have a monumental task ahead of you in rebuilding not only the culture of the party but also the brand. Fixing brand damage as great as that of the HDZ will be a difficult process that will either take a long time or exceptional actions.

Exceptional actions means that you not only talk, but you walk the walk.

A fish rots from the head down.

To rejuvenate the HDZ brand (trust) you will need to do something exceptional.

Cut off the head of the snake

Carry out a very public lustration of the HDZ.
Get rid of the most hated professional politicians - the political parasites.
Cut out the cancer.

When a person with cancer goes through chemotherapy, they look and feel worse than every - but eventually the cancer dies and the person survives.

Tomislav Karamarko and at least a dozen more need to go - but that will not happen.

With so many vested interests, egos and ambitions, I doubt you will be able to do what you say you want to do. You will talk the talk but not walk the walk and the HDZ brand will be damaged even more.

I will find it hard to believe HDZ when I see how HDZ fights MOST and puts HDZ self-interest ahead of the interests of the nation, the people. if the people truly come first then the interests of the solution should have priority over the interests of the party (and the power holders in the party).

Croat-Centric and Nationalist Government

From Jutarnji - "U tom svom dokumentu Stier će, kako doznajem, izložiti vlastitu viziju HDZ-a kao stranke demokršćanske, a ne usko nacionalističke ili kroatocentrične orijentacije, kakva je ona, po općem mišljenju, u ovome trenutku te kakva se predstavila i na nedavno održanim parlamentarnim izborima na kojima je doživjela relativni neuspjeh."

In the document Stier will, as we learn, propose his own vision of the HDZ as a democratic- Christian party, not with a narrowly nationalistic or Croat-centric orientation, the type that was according to general opinion, at that time, how it presented itself in the recent parliamentary elections in which it experienced a relative failure.

If the "New HDZ" is not 'Croatian-centric" then what is it?
If you are not "for Croatians" then who are you for?

HDZ v1.0 (1990-1999) was Croatian-centric
HDZ v2.0 (2000-2015) was Self-centered
HDZ v3.0 (2015- ) needs to once again be Croatian-centric
Croatian-centric = the nation of Croatia and the people that live in Croatia

The people need nationalism - but a new nationalism which will protect them. A set of values and social norms that define us and create the home in which we feel comfortable living in.

What is a desirable nationalism?
English - Croatian

You should be aware that it was not the people that saw you are a nationalistic or Croat-centric party. Quite the opposite, the HDZ is a lukewarm boring party that DOES NOT fight for anything Croatian. It was your socialist and Yugoslavia-nostalgic opponents that labeled you as such. The people want more and you propose to give them less. Do you care more about what your socialist opponents say or what the Croatian people say?

Let me reiterate - you did not lose because of your program (which was non-existent)
but because "the people" do not trust or like "your people."

The last thing we want to see is more of the "same old type" of people
replacing the people that are being moved out of the party.

I wish you good luck not because I want YOU to succeed.
I wish you luck because the Croatian people deserve better leadership and a better standard of life.

Zeljko Zidaric
Željko Zidarić