Dr. Kujundzic, what is your vision for the national brand?

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Dr Milan Kujundzic is preparing for the announcement of his program on November 30, in Zagreb, his vision for Croatia, for the presidential election campaign. I hope to see a BIG and positive set of ideas that will inspire the people and get them out to vote. Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic had no brand vision, no story. All she had was a list of management objectives.

A statesmen must be more than just a leader.
A statesmen is never just a manager.

We need a statesman that will take us on a big evolutionary jump.
A jump so big it might even be revolutionary!

A few years ago I wrote this article - Re-conceptualizing a New Benevolent Nationalism (Croatian translation). Much of what I wrote could be considered to be part of the BRAND of the nation. Theodore Roosevelt spoke about a New Nationalism in 1910. (Croatian translation)

Dr. Kujundzic - TOUCH MY HEART!

To be a statesmen you must have big ideals and big ideas.
To be a statesmen you need to have a vision that the people will say "YES! That is me!"

What is your vision for the BRAND of Croatia? The brand is the essence of the identity of the product, service, place or nation. The brand is the set of values that drive the entity. Melissa Aronczyk has an interesting podcast - “Branding the Nation: The Global Business of National Identity”. Read "Living the Brand". National brand building is becoming a BIG THING!

A brand is not just about how the external customers, partners and stakeholders see the company. One of the most important benefits of a good brand is how the internal people and sub organizations (employees) see the company they are a part of. The brand gives us a common cause and unites us as a team to work for the common good. A brand is not just about how we sell. Most importantly it is how we live the brand.

On November 30, I hope that you have something inspiring for us.
I hope that you have more than just a list of things you want to do.

  • What is your personal BRAND?
  • What is your brand promise?
  • How does your brand align with and strengthen the national brand?
  • What are you passionate about?

Dr. Kujundzic, I hope that you have:
  • an understanding of what Croatians want to be
  • an understanding of what Croatia is
  • a Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  • a great "100 Days Plan"

Give us a great story.
Let us see into your heart.
Make us proud and optimistic once again!
Give us something we want to fight for!
So that we can go from mediocre to being good to being GREAT!
Please do not give us lists of what you want to accomplish.

Last year the Serbs held the conference on "Rebranding Serbia". Have we ever had brand building exercises such as this? Do we know what BRAND CROATIA is? If we do not, why don't we?

If you do not understand it yet.

Nation Branding = Nation Building

What is your BHAG?

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