• Plan for Success in Croatian Presidential Election

    It is already late in the game!

    ... but better to start now than sometime later. The election campaign should not start on the first day of the election campaign!

    Here is what you need to know
    - this is just a very simple reminder of what you should be doing.

    1. Find a leader for the blue side
    Hold a competition to determine who will represent a unified Right - the blue team. The fatal flaw of previous elections which must not be repeated is that the Croatian conservatives will send at least 6 or 7 representatives into the presidential election. The solution to this is to hold an inter-organizational contest to find one representative for all the small political parties on the right. It is during this phase that you introduce the candidates and the democratic selection process to the people.

    My recommendation is to use fundraising as the criteria to determine the winner. The most popular candidate will be able to raise the most money. The winner becomes the official candidate and all the money raised is put into the campaign budget.

    2. Unite around the leader.
    The interests of the Croatian people are more important than the interests of any small political party. The small parties must create a unified team where everyone supports the winner of the competition. Personal interests and egos must be set aside. Only through cooperation do we have any chance of success. At this time the official candidate is introduced to the people and most importantly broad based support for the candidate is communicated to the voters.

    3. Fundraising world tour.
    The Global Croatian community has little relevance in the election but the global community can have a great influence on the election campaign by financing the right candidate. The funds raised in the initial competition should be used to pay for travel and expenses in the global fundraising tour. The role of the president is foreign affairs so it is quite obvious that this would be an excellent opportunity to show global relationship building skills with the global Croatian community.

    4. Croatian Pre-Campaign Tour
    It takes time to build an image and develop a brand. It is during this phase that you get people to know you. The pre-campaign brand building and network building tour is vital. The funds raised in the global fundraising tour will fund this pre-campaign tour of Croatia. The objective for the candidate will be to visit as many cities, towns and villages as possible. During this tour the candidate will shake as many hands as possible, listen to the concerns of the people and collect as many micro-donations as possible. Every micro-donation - even if it is 20 kuna - is a sign of support.

    5. The election campaign
    Make sure that you have a capable campaign manager run the campaign and not the candidate. Be professional - this is lacking in many small campaign teams.

    6. Get Out The Vote
    Being popular means nothing if people do not go out and vote. You must ensure that people get out and vote! There should be a dedicated team which works concurrently with the campaign team in developing programs to remind people to go out and vote. This phase should have its own budget.

    7. Election

    Concurrently with these activities will be two critical items

    A. Program Development
    This is how the candidate will differentiate him or herself from the competitors. Croatians are waiting for someone with a Vision for Croatia that will create hope. Ensure that you have an action plan to solve the problems facing the nation.

    B. Supporter database building
    Information about who is who, who supports you and especially who might support you is key to election success. Start building your database now because you must know which way every one of the 3+ million voters is leaning. This database will help you not waste resources on people that already support you or definitely do not support you. The database will help you focus your resources on the people that you might be able to convince their minds and switch their voting decision and vote for you.

    START NOW - Croatia's future depends on it!