• Concept for the Incubator

    The following is a first draft of the concept for the academy.
    I invite all interested people to take a look at the slides and send me their feedback. I seek your input so that this is not my academy but OUR academy.

    Why focus on Citizenship, Civic Virtue and Civic Duty?

    As we speak to more people, we come closer to identifying the root problems which plague Croatian society and especially the youth. We have come to the understanding that mindset might be a bigger problem than skillset. Croatian youth needs to be empowered to work from the framework of a modern, enlightened and empowered MINDSET.

    Unfortunate problem = we can't figure out a good word in Croatian for MINDSET.

    Help us decide, do we want to be:
    Leadership Incubator
    Leadership Accelerator

    Download Presentation PDF