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  1. The Conservative Worldview Seed

    Conservatives do not have an ideology as we do not want to create a world. We have aspirations for the sort of world we want. We want to be a part of a world based on liberty where the world evolves based on what the people want.

    I see the following as a seed that should sprout and then grow in different ways depending on the environmental conditions of the society that it is planted it.

    If we believe in individualism and the right to uniqueness of all individuals

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    Željko Zidarić
  2. Majority of Croatians are against joining the EU

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    I carried out a phone survey on Sunday January 8 and January 15, 2012 and found that 57.2% or respondents intend to vote NO. Contrary to what the official media has been telling the public, the majority of the Croatian people appear to be against joining the EU.

    Of the people that responded, 73.4% say they intend to vote. Of the people that stated they will vote, 89% have already decided which way they will vote. It is interesting ...
    Željko Zidarić
  3. Pope Benedict XVI - historic speech to German Bundestag

    22-25 SEPTEMBER 2011


    Reichstag Building, Berlin
    Thursday, 22 September 2011

    The Listening Heart
    Reflections on the Foundations of Law

    Mr President of the Federal Republic,
    Mr President of the Bundestag,
    Madam Chancellor,
    Madam President ...
    Željko Zidarić
  4. A good political coalition should be like a delicious lasagna

    29 - July - 2011

    The d'Hondt method used in Croatia, and many other European countries favors large parties and coalitions. In Croatian Sabor elections there is a large disparity in seat allocation comparing small parties to the HDZ and SDP. While HDZ and SDP receive 7 seats per 100,000 votes the small parties receive just under 4 seats per 100,000 votes. To overcome this disparity, the "fragmented right" must understand the dynamics of how seats are allocated and play the game ...
    Željko Zidarić
  5. Name Recognition of the New Political Options in Croatia

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    A new election season begins and a new crop of political hopefuls sprouts from the fertile Croatian political soil. We have a colorful new batch of ‘Domoljubne’ center-right oriented parties and movements are trying to gain the attention of the growing number of disappointed and disenfranchised voters.

    Over the last year dissatisfaction with the present large parties, the SDP and HDZ, has increased and a new market ...
    Željko Zidarić