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  1. Developing a Political Program (Vision for the Nation)

    Just a quick and dirty rant.

    Developing a national political vision and program seems like a daunting task, but it should not be insurmountable. If we know key areas that need to be addressed and we believe in KISS, then a good plan can be easily developed. If you know where to start, the plan will develop naturally. Start with the goal of improving your ranking in global competitiveness reports.

    What got me thinking

    On Saturday June 13, 2015,

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    Željko Zidarić
  2. Croatia: The new Office of the President is same as the old Office of the President

    The character of a person is judged not by what they say but what they do. Just because a man does not break the law does not make him a good man. Obeying the law is doing the bare minimum. A good man does good things. A good man will do more than is required of him.

    A good leader will fight for the citizen and do as much as possible.
    A bad leader will fight against the citizen and do as little as possible.

    I had a great hope that the Office of the ...
  3. RESPECT: What does it mean, really?

    Ethical leadership, like being an ethical person,
    is grounded in respect for humanity but respect is something that
    • few people can define
    • only some people give
    • but everyone wants

    Respect is so important that I feel that we should have a moral duty to respect others.

    Respect is
    • a part of our humanity
    • an attitude about the dignity of others
    • leads to the actions we take

    Respect is a concept defining the nature of relationships, ...

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  4. Learning Teamwork from the Football (Soccer) Pitch

    Studying teams, teamwork and leadership from an academic angle can be a difficult endeavor as there are thousands of opinions and a thousand books. Using a real world example of something we are all familiar with can give us a feeling, which is a starting point on which we can then elaborate using research. Team sports are an ideal example of teamwork in action as it is natural action with minimal thinking. In team sports having skills gets you onto the team, but a winning team is determined
    Željko Zidarić
  5. Active Citizens Developing Social Wealth and Building Society

    An active citizen earns social capital and has social currency to spend to accomplish a goal. Influencing government decisions (laws or policies) can be done either by; proving the moral rightness of an action, by economic influence or by social influence. Economic influence being based on money and the power associated with large sums of money and backroom deals. Social influence being based on the power associated with large numbers of people and public action. Rich people accumulate
    Željko Zidarić
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