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  1. The Shareholder Citizen - Separating Economics and Politics

    by Zeljko Zidaric and Alma Ortega
    Mexico City

    Making everyone a shareholder in their nation
    • Giving everyone a piece of the pie
    • When everyone is a capitalist, who will oppose free markets?

    Note: This idea is under development and this article is very rough.
    Please come back periodically to see how the concept develops.
    If you have any ideas you want to contribute, or know of similar concepts please let us know.

    In order ...

    Updated 23rd-January-2014 at 07:03 PM by Željko Zidarić

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  2. The Stronach Institute in Austria

    The Frank Stronach Institute

    Dear Austrians,

    I'm very worried about the future of Austria. There is much good in our country, but we have some massive structural defects, as do many other countries around the world, particularly in Europe. I hope that Austria will be among the first countries to correct these structural defects, otherwise I do not see a good future ...
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  3. Tomislav Jonjić - Nacionalizam nije nužno desničarska ideologija

    Davor Dijanović - Tomislav Jonjic

    Gospodine Jonjiću, Vaša posljednja knjiga znakovita naslova: Hrvatski nacionalizam i europske integracije, objavljena je 2008. godine. Za one koji knjigu nisu još pročitali, možete li ukratko reći što je njezin sadržaj?

    U Hrvatskoj a i izvan nje stvorena je slika da je ideologija hrvatskog nacionalizma, onako kako su ju u drugoj polovici XIX. stoljeća formulirali A. Starčević i E. Kvaternik, zapravo ideologija ...
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  4. To Compete or not to compete: Attracting investment and creating jobs

    ... in the global economy

    U.S. Ambassador James B. Foley
    Skolska Knjiga Auditorium
    March 1, 2012

    I want to thank the Innovation Institute for hosting me today, and thank you as well to Skolska Knjiga and the Zuzul family for graciously allowing us to use your hall. The Innovation Institute is an organization dedicated to the dissemination of new ideas and to fostering the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship needed to make Croatia competitive in ...
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  5. Reprint: Greater Serbianism threatening the region once again

    Subject: Greater Serbianism threatening the region once again
    Reply-To: International Justice Watch Discussion List
    Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 13:57:36 -0500
    Link to source

    The article below appeared in this past weekend's edition of Novi List in Croatia. The article is quite informative about the state of Serbian society today, as well as the true political aspirations of Serbia's Boris Tadic and Vuk Jeremic.

    My translation below.
    Mike Baresic ...
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