1. The Shareholder Citizen - Separating Economics and Politics

    by Zeljko Zidaric and Alma Ortega
    Mexico City

    Making everyone a shareholder in their nation
    • Giving everyone a piece of the pie
    • When everyone is a capitalist, who will oppose free markets?

    Note: This idea is under development and this article is very rough.
    Please come back periodically to see how the concept develops.
    If you have any ideas you want to contribute, or know of similar concepts please let us know.

    In order ...

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  2. The Croatian Conservative Pledge

    In Croatia there is talk about "The Right", but there is little or no talk about actual political philosophy. For example, what is Progressive Conservatism, Traditional Conservatism and Libertarianism.

    I have put together some of my thoughts on Conservatism and the "Pledge" that I would like to see Conservative politicians and political activists to understand and sign indicating to the public what it is that they stand for and will work towards.

    The Croatian ...
    Željko Zidarić
  3. The Stronach Institute in Austria

    The Frank Stronach Institute

    Dear Austrians,

    I'm very worried about the future of Austria. There is much good in our country, but we have some massive structural defects, as do many other countries around the world, particularly in Europe. I hope that Austria will be among the first countries to correct these structural defects, otherwise I do not see a good future ...
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  4. Nova konceptualizacija za novi dobronamjerni nacionalizam

    Željko Zidarić – 28 lipanj 2012
    S engleskog preveo: Tihomir Janiček
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    Dok navijam za Hrvatsku na prvenstvu Europe u nogometu vidim kako Josipović i Milanović jednako kao Karamako i Tomašić isto tako navijaju za Hrvatsku. Čak je i svećenik, ovdje u Mississauga, rekao malu molitvu u vrijeme mise za hrvatsku nogometnu vrstu. Mi smo svi ujedinjeni u našoj nadi da Hrvatska igra dojmljivo, pobjedi i svi budemo ponosni. Možda Kajina i Pusićku ...

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  5. Re-conceptualizing a New Benevolent Nationalism

    Zeljko Zidaric - June 18, 2012
    Civic Innovation Incubator - Croatia
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    As I cheer for Croatia in the Euro Football Championship I see that Josipovic and Milanovic just like Karamako and Tomasic are also cheering for Croatia. Even the priest said a short prayer for the Croatian team during mass. We are all united in our hope that Croatia plays impressively, wins and makes us all proud. Maybe Kajin and Pusic do not care as much as I do - who knows. During ...

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