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  1. Does Zeljko Grgelec and/or Novastela own copyright for live Internet streaming?

    I recently came across something quite confusing and I wonder if
    someone with a better legal mind than mine help me understand what is happening.

    This company nova-stellatv.de claims to be the first "Internet free live television".
    Has there not been any live TV internet streaming before this?

    Novastella tv is Internet free live television, the first in the world,
    with millions of potential viewers of all ages and in 8 languages.

    Our program
  2. Croatia: The new Office of the President is same as the old Office of the President

    The character of a person is judged not by what they say but what they do. Just because a man does not break the law does not make him a good man. Obeying the law is doing the bare minimum. A good man does good things. A good man will do more than is required of him.

    A good leader will fight for the citizen and do as much as possible.
    A bad leader will fight against the citizen and do as little as possible.

    I had a great hope that the Office of the ...
  3. RESPECT: What does it mean, really?

    Ethical leadership, like being an ethical person,
    is grounded in respect for humanity but respect is something that
    • few people can define
    • only some people give
    • but everyone wants

    Respect is so important that I feel that we should have a moral duty to respect others.

    Respect is
    • a part of our humanity
    • an attitude about the dignity of others
    • leads to the actions we take

    Respect is a concept defining the nature of relationships, ...

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  4. Leadership Evolution: From Command to Inspiration

    We are long past the days of slavery and command and control leadership structures which were used on people that were seen solely as units of production. Today we respect one another for the unique beings of value that we are. To lead in an era where creativity requires passion it is no longer enough to just order or influence people we need to inspire them into action in win-win situations.

    Leadership styles have evolved, becoming more people centric over the last 50 years.

    Updated 19th-March-2015 at 06:10 PM by Željko Zidarić

  5. The "Champion Code" for the Active Citizen Leader

    “With great power comes great responsibility”, said Voltaire. Unfortunately most Americans equate the quote to Spiderman, but that is another story. The leader of the team is the focal point for all the brand equity and social capital aggregated by the team. The leader becomes powerful. How do we ensure that the power is used for good?

    My philosophy for good social sector leadership is that "Only a good person can become a good leader". Alternatively, "Before you can be a good ...
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