1. Does Zeljko Grgelec and/or Novastela own copyright for live Internet streaming?

    I recently came across something quite confusing and I wonder if
    someone with a better legal mind than mine help me understand what is happening.

    This company nova-stellatv.de claims to be the first "Internet free live television".
    Has there not been any live TV internet streaming before this?

    Novastella tv is Internet free live television, the first in the world,
    with millions of potential viewers of all ages and in 8 languages.

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  2. Letter to Davor Stier - If you are not "Croat-centric" then what are you?

  3. The meaning of words - creating boxes to make abstract concepts real


    Understanding an abstract concept requires defining what it is and what it is not. We can’t understand the abstract concept of leadership if there is no clarity in definition of leadership or the components that comprise it. Consider how many definitions there are of the concept of leadership and you will understand why we do not have good leadership. Leaders do not know what service they are supposed to provide.

    How bad is this problem of lack of clarity

    Updated 29th-November-2015 at 12:37 AM by Željko Zidarić

    Željko Zidarić
  4. Shelter Companies bring foriegn investment home to Mexico


    The Croatian government wants Second Generation Diaspora Croats to return to Croatia to set up businesses to help improve the Croatian economy (or so they say). BUT, if the business environment is toxic chances for long term survival are low no matter how good the tax incentives are or how much free EU money you get. An interesting learning opportunity for improving the probability for success might be found in Mexico - in the maquiladora "Shelter Services" industry

    Updated 7th-April-2016 at 06:02 PM by Željko Zidarić

    Željko Zidarić
  5. The role of the Opposition is to provide an alternative

    Note: My loyalty is to the well-being and common good of the Croatian people and not to any single politician or political party. I support ideals and I support parties that support those ideals. Politicians and parties are prone to working for self-interest rather than the common good. Being critical of a political party is a form of "tough-love" that can hopefully improve the party. Getting tough-love is better than getting yes-man support.

    • Commitments create hope
    • Hopes
    Željko Zidarić
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