Pogledaj Full Version : Younger Thinking - Chapter 2: Young People & Civic Engagement

Željko Zidarić
28th-May-2012, 02:12 AM
Read online (http://www.youngerthinking.com/?p=126)

Young People & The Cave (http://www.youngerthinking.com//?page_id=132)
An overview of the chapter and discussion of the methodology used; a discussion of the education and class gaps in civic engagement.

Service and Volunteering (http://www.youngerthinking.com//?page_id=136)
Young people’s high rates of volunteerism and community service; who volunteers, where and why; the role of the Internet in civic activity.

Political Engagement (http://www.youngerthinking.com//?page_id=138)
Young people’s recent increases in voter turnout and the role of young African-Americans and women; young people’s involvement in other political activities; the cycle of neglect and the challenges of youth outreach.

Political Attitudes (http://www.youngerthinking.com//?page_id=140)
Millennials understand the relevance of politics but are skeptical of the system; young people’s distaste for partisanship and party affiliation; the reality and causes of limited political knowledge.

Civic Engagement across Generations (http://www.youngerthinking.com//?page_id=142)
Comparisons of young people’s voting and volunteering over time; a discussion of surveys indicating “changing priorities”; the role of growing institutions and opportunities in civic engagement.

Schools and Civic Engagement (http://www.youngerthinking.com//?page_id=144)
The importance of schools on future engagement; the potential effects of the content and approach of civics education; the power of service-learning and its relative scarcity in public schools.