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  1. Global and the Local in Partnership: Innovative Approaches to Citizenship Education
  2. Intentional Innovation: How Getting More Systematic about Innovation Could Improve
  3. Civic Entrepreneurship: A Dynamic Concept
  4. Training Future Innovators: Can You Teach Policy and Empathy at the Same Time?
  5. Civic Innovation in America - First Chapter
  6. Approaches to Civic Education: Lessons Learned
  7. The Changing Face of Civil Society
  8. Nature, Culture, and Civil Society
  9. What Civil Society Needs
  10. Engaging Young People in Civic Life
  11. Younger Thinking - Chapter 2: Young People & Civic Engagement
  12. Youth Civic Engagement: An Institutional Turn
  13. Socializing Youth for Citizenship
  14. Joining Young, Voting Young: The Effects of Youth Voluntary Associations on Early
  15. Youth Attitudes toward Civility in Politics
  16. Technology and Politics: Incentives for Youth Participation
  17. A Comparative Analysis of Community Youth Development Strategies
  18. Promoting Positive Citizenship: Priming Youth for Action
  19. Socializing Youth for Citizenship
  20. Disavowing Politics: Civic Engagement in an Era of Political Skepticism
  21. The Process of Social Innovation
  22. The Idea of Civil Society: Scholarship and Debate.
  23. Integrating Civic Responsibility into the Curriculum
  24. New Laboratories of Democracy: How Local Government is Reinventing Civic Engagement
  25. Citizen Driven Performance
  26. Non-Violent Struggle: 50 Crucial Points
  27. The Rotary Leadership Institute
  28. Citizen Empowerment and Grass-Roots Action to Curb Corruption and Gain Accountability
  29. The IDEA Civic Education Database: Some Preliminary Observations
  30. Frederick the Great's ANTI-MACHIAVEL
  31. Research Files
  32. A Conservative of the Old School
  33. The Ten Conservative Principles of Russell Kirk